Italian Design News

Looking for the right chair or home accouterment with just enough modern elegance to match your modern life? You might have a look around the studio of GamFratesi. This is the Danish-Italian duo nominated by Elle Décor Italy for the Young Designer Talent 2013 award (EDIDA).

Young, ground-breaking designers have ruled the Temporary Museum for New Design since its inception, and this year they thrive as the installations focus on Global Design. As tradition dictates, in April events will be held at the two iconic Superstudio locations in Milan’s Tortona district.

43 Milano is a unique Italian company that creates artisanal braze-welded steel cycles, which can be enhanced with hand-sewn alligator, ostrich, or deerskin detailing. At the end of a long day of events at Pitti Uomo, owner Alberto Crivellenti gave us his full attention to speak about his super stylish, eco-friendly bikes.

Pirelli, the great tire manufacturer, with its famous calendar of the same name, has collaborated with international designers and intellectuals since its inception in 1872. In honour of this heritage they hosted an exhibition, L’Umanesimo Industriale della Pirelli, highlighting designer Bob Noorda and others.

At the annual Cosmit Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan we discovered the Barrique Project. Barriques, or wine barrels made of French oak wood, are aged at open air for at least three years and then typically destroyed after that period. But the Barrique Project asked why, and came up with an innovative answer.

Just as some of the best hotels in the world are realized by world-renowned architects and designers, so too has this Maserati. Think Pietro Frua, Bertone, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Marcello Gandini and Pininfarina. The Quattroporte was imagined and brought to life by Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Head of Style for Fiat.

We all know the story of Pinocchio thanks to Disney, but we may not know the history behind this beloved character. This famous book was written by an Italian man named Carlo Lorenzini, also known as Carlo Collodi, while the first color illustrations were created by Attilio Mussino in 1911 and are recognizable everywhere.

Italy is known as a culture which gives a great deal of love and attention to children and family matters, so it should be no wonder a wide variety of wonderful Italian toymakers can be found in cities and villages around the country. Many of them have been hand-making toys for decades and offer items that also little pieces of art...

Long-missing prototypes, original drawings and groundbreaking designs in glass, make for a fascinating exhibit on the collaboration between Venetian master glassblower Venini and architect Carlo Scarpa between the years 1932-1947. Closer to Venice than Murano, the exhibit is held at Le Stanze Del Vetro (Rooms for Glass)...

So you want to give a very Italian wedding gift, something chic and unique that the newlyweds will use and appreciate. The idea is to please and stand out from all the not so useful or pretty objects that often pile up at the end of a wedding ceremony. Whether the couple is getting married in Italy or elsewhere, we have just the thing...