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The Canali fashion house has been in the luxury men’s fashion arena for almost 80 years. Now this family business is being run by the third generation and is one of the most famous Italian menswear specialists in the world.


Back in 1934, Giovanni and Giacomo Canali decided to open a manufacturing workshop in the Northern Italian area of Brianza, an area known for its  fashion and textile sectors and the high quality of its craftsmanship. The Canali brothers immediately began making elegant suits and men’s clothes, hand-made garments in classic style but with new fabrics and groundbreaking techniques that soon got the fashion world talking.


Time for Expansion


The Fifties was an exciting time for fashion in Italy, catwalk shows and other exciting events were just taking off and the world loved la moda italiana. It was during this period that the second generation of Canalis took over the fashion group, leading to even greater success as Canali became one of the most distinguished names in Italian men’s haute couture.  By the Seventies the group had expanded into the international market and had such an impact that by the Eighties over the 50% of the production was destined for export.


Over the years, the group expanded its line to include not only men’s suits and shirts, but also sportswear, underwear and men’s accessories encompassing a wide choice of leather products such as belts and shoes as well as jewelry and fragrance produced under license. In short, Canali products creates a total look from top to toe.


The third generation of the Canali family has now come on board. However, Giovanni’s son Eugenio Canali is still managing director, with Stefano Canali as the actual CEO of the Canali group. Paolo Canali is marketing director while Elisabetta Canali has responsibility for the image of the company.




The fame of Canali has even reached the White House. US President Barak Obama has been wearing Canali suits and jackets since he was a senator. And he’s not alone, as many household names appreciate Canali’s classical taste and timeless elegance, from actors to politicians and celebrities. The Italian family business is one of the best ambassadors of the made-in- Italy brand, a standard-bearer of the quality and style that distinguishes Italian fashion on the worldwide stage.


Canali now has an annual turnover of more than 190 million Euros and exports 75% of its merchandies globally. Its original little workshop manufacturing menswear has now expanded into seven production centers creating clothes and accessories which are distributed in over 200 boutiques and 1000 stores in 100 different countries all over the world. And what a testmanent that is to the vision and ambition of the two Canali brothers who entered the menswear market all those years ago.


Canali spa

via Lombardia, 17/19
20845 Sovico (Monza Brianza), Italy
Tel.: [+39] 0392 014226
Fax: [+39] 0392 323005
Web: Canali Luxury Men’s Fashion House

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