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Cotton Club

Don’t let the name fool you: it only took inspiration from the famous nightclub of New York, but Cotton Club is a totally Italian fashion house, born in 1981 from the collaboration of artisans of fashion and underwear industry, among which we can see the name of Roberto Crescentini, the actual and only owner of the Italian brand.

The history of Cotton Club began when the three founders decided to put together their acknowledged experience in the intimate clothing sector to start creating particular lines and innovative underwear collections destined to a worldwide success. Their high-quality lingerie, the care for every detail and the precious weaves they used was what made Cotton Club famous among a middle-high clientele.

It was Roberto Crescentini, though, that brought the distinctive mark of new fabrics and laces into the Cotton Club maison. By the late 80’s and the beginnings of the 90’s, Cotton Club began to be renowned all over the world for the introduction of famous and precious “Noyon”’s elastic laces in its exceptional underwear collections. The Italian fashion house used the French manufactured innovative fabrics to produce elegant and comfortable intimate garments for men and women, providing its clientele with unique products.

To live up its own reputation, Cotton Club was the first lingerie fashion house to offer elastic lace in its underwear collection, while the other Italian and international maisons still worked on rigid woven laces. This was a great change, along with the introduction of the rich embroidery in the elastic tulle and Microfiber tulle.

New and sought materials are the key to Cotton Club lingerie’s success, next to the openness to the new trends that has led the Italian fashion house to be always a step ahead of the others, as well as an extraordinary taste and elegance demonstrated by the sensuality, luxury and beauty of their men’s and women’s underwear lines. But the major reason for the rapid and worldwide spreading of Cotton Club underwear products is the excellent quality/price ratio: the high quality guaranteed by the made-in-Italy manufacturing label at a convenient price, available to a wide clientele.

In recent years, the Cotton Club group has moved from the main women’s lingerie collections to the design of men’s underwear and beachwear. The leading Italian lingerie company with a yearly turnover that exceed the 12 millions of Euros includes now different lines under its label.

The Cotton Club brand is articulated in three principle women’s underwear collections, bearing the names of precious stones and metals to emphasize the richness of their fabrics and preciousness of their details: the Rubino collection, made mostly of Microfiber women, for those women who wants to combine comfort and simplicity, the Silk line, elegant and sober, the Oro line, for adult women who wants their underwear to reflect their personal charm and finally the Argento collection, for young and innocent but still sensual girls.

Next to the Cotton Club women’s lingerie lines, there is the Cotton Club Swimwear, dedicated to sports and beachwear, and a series of collections that take their name from the creative head of the Cotton Club group, Roberto Crescentini. Rcrescentini Private Collection, as well as Rcrescentini Beach Couture are luxurious lines of underwear and beachwear that are the icing on the cake of the Cotton Club elegance, while RC Man is the new collection appositely studied for those men who wants always to be trendy and fashionable never renouncing to comfort and style.

Cotton Club lingerie has dressed the bodies of several celebrities and famous stars from all over the world, many of which have become the renowned faces of the Italian fashion brand’s advertisement campaigns, such as the top models Magda Gomez, Eva Riccobono or Nathalia Belova. No doubt that a woman wearing Cotton Club underwear can express all of her sensuality and elegance never forgetting the importance of comfort and high quality assured by the Italian fashion house.

Cotton club

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