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Elena Mirò

Beauty is not always a synonym of thinness or vice versa. Mediterranean-style fuller women figures demonstrate it, and Elena Mirò collections are expressly created to dress their bodies stressing their wonderful curves. Elena Mirò has the merit to have been the first Italian fashion brand to make model on the Milan Fashion week catwalk sizes from 46 (the American size 12) up, a revolutionary decision for the world of fashion.

The historical Italian label of the Miroglio Group was launched in 1984, to respond to the needs of Italian women who don’t wear a size 8. Every woman has the right to show her femininity, and the world of fashion must allow it. This is the basic principle behind Elena Mirò philosophy and style. The strong motivation under the work of the Italian fashion house has led it to become a true icon of worldwide women’s fashion.

In 2005, Elena Mirò’s rounded and beautiful models debuted on the Milan Fashion week catwalks, introducing their sensuous figures in the international fashion world, opening critics’ minds to new way of thinking about fashion and beauty. The “Curve à porter” soon became a successful style, a mood and a way of life, and Elena Mirò is undoubtedly its standard-bearer.

Elena Mirò’s XL models challenged the taboos imposed by modern society. They walked down the runway wearing white and bright dresses, capable of showing their curves and stressing their strong points, without any thought of being ashamed and destructing the prejudice that only thin girls can wear white because it makes you look even fatter. Soft and light fabrics, bright colors, generous necklines and tulip skirts combined with floral sensual bustiers are symbols of Elena Mirò feminine collections.

To respect the “total-look” principle, the Italian fashion brand has not limited his production to clothes and dresses. Elena Mirò label appears also on accessories, bags and shoes, as well as lingerie, always designed appositely for those women who accept their few kilos overweight without considering them a problem and without giving up on their female sensuality. In 2003 the Italian photographer Attilio Capra signed for Elena Mirò a special calendar showing six beautiful women of an average size 50 (16), displaying their voluptuous bodies without shame, charged with sensuality and beauty.

An exceptional initiative that stood against Italian fashion standards, according to which models have to be thin and tall. Too thin and tall, to say it right. But normal women you can see on your ordinary life walking down the streets are more similar to Elena Mirò’s models than to every wonderful supermodel. The Italian fashion house closeness to real women is the key to its extraordinary success, that has lead the brand to be a leader in its sector, being part of a group that has a global turnover of 930 millions of Euros and flagship stores and selling points all over the world.

It may seem predictable to say that the Italian maison Elena Mirò is involved in the fight against anorexia and eating disorders. Several initiatives and campaigns have been supported by the Italian brand, being its same models a symbol and an icon that demonstrates that thinness is not always equivalent to beauty. Over the years, the anti-thin campaign of Elena Mirò has materialized in the “Ciao, magre!” campaign in 1998, so successful as to win the Gran Prix Adv and to give birth to “Ciao Magre”, the first Italian curvy model agency. The same name was given to the book edited in 2000; the proceeds of its selling devolved to the anti-anorexia association AIPAN. “Ciao magre”’s preface was written with the collaboration of the famous Italian actress Lella Costa, and many other famous names appear on the whole text.

Elena Mirò’s worldwide success has allowed many women from all around the world to feel beautiful simply by being themselves and showing their own personality. Nobody is perfect, nobody has to crave for something that is not what he or she is. This seems to be the message of every particular Elena Mirò’s creation. The combination of Italian style and quality with this strong point of view are what make this Italian fashion brand unique in the world.

Elena Mirò

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