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Les Copains

For the last 50 years, Les Copains has been a synonym of style, modernity and elegance in the ready-to-wear fashion field. Starting from an Italian town, it has spread its name and fame all over the world, from Europe, to USA, South America and even Asia.


Though its  name may mislead us, the founder of the fashion house is an Italian stylist, Mario Bandiera, who after a carreer in the knitwear fiels, in the late 50’s set up a new trademark in Bologna. For the name he was inspired by a famous french radio program, “Salut les copains”. We can easily notice how powerful was (and still is) the french influence in the world of fashion design.


Given its previous experiences, Mario Bandiera, from his very first collections, focused on the knitwear sector, launching in the 60’s the “Mini pull” collection, that has become the symbol of the Italian fashion house. The “Mini pull” marked a turning point in the global fashion history: from traditional pulls with an almost baggy look to an elegant and modern set piece of ready-to-wear fashion. It represents the philosophy of the brand: be simple and elegant at the same time, without being excessive.


When the “Mini pull” collection reached the catway, the strong hold lied in a particular cloth: “the flag”. The woman jacket with a nautical style has become the symbol of the entire collection, being revisited every year and adapted to the actual trend. It is curious and funny that the name of the main cloth of Les Copains is the English translation for the name of its Italian inventor, Bandiera.


The main characteristic in the collections of Les Copains is the attention to details. Special care is given to the material and the texture of the articles of clothing they make. The knitwear occupies the first place in their production scale, with cashmere as a mainstay of all the collections. The refinement of the fabric gives the brand an unique prestige in the world of fashion.


The use of new technology to manufacture their products, the stylistic innovation, as well as the creation of new collections dedicated to young people have led Les Copains to the point of being a constantly evolving brand, though being faithful to its traditions. The trend established by the italian fashion house tends to reflect the consumer’s characteristics. The men and women who wear Les Copains are sophisticated, refined, sober but elegant. This is what we call “to have class”.


Through the years the brand has collaborated with a lot of famous fashion designer, from Dolce e Gabbana, to Versace. During the last period, the collaboration with two emerging talents has given Les Copains a renewed image. Apart from the architect-stylist Albino D’Amato, another name seen on the runway has been that of Giambattista Valli. Les Copains has been giving a big opportunity to the young Roman designer, who can already boast about different cooperations with the most important stylists in the world.


Sorrounding the name of the brand there have been other important figures, such as the hotographers Lindbergh and Meisel who portraied models wearing Les Copains, or Isabella Rossellini, the italian actress and model who has worked as the testimonial of the sunglasses’ line. In the last years, the face associated with the fashion house is that of Belen Rodriguez, showgirl and model very known to the italian public.


The brand of Les Copains, owned by the group BVM, has reached peaks of 80 millions of euros of yearly turnover (now is around 50 millions), while the whole group invoice more or less 120 millions of euros. Its logo can be seen in every important fashion event all over the world, or in the fashion weeks in Milan, New York or Paris. Last month in the occasion of “Pitti Uomo” Les Copains offered a creative stand in which it could show its collection studied for a man who is seen as an aristocratic nomad.


The reknowed “Red label” line is the principal collection for what concern women. Addressed to a 25-50 years old public, it has proved to be the most successful and popular line of the Italian brand, so it usually is the first one presented on the catwalk. Along with the tendency of renewal that has emerged after the 50th anniversary of the fashion house, Trend Les Copains was created to satisfy the needs of a younger public. The price/quality ratio is as excellent as it’s always been, bringing the brand in the top of the competitors table.


Apart from the clothing, the collections are sorrounded by a line of fashion accessories for men and women, bags, sunglasses and perfumes, that complete the total look of their consumers. This is the main objective of the house Les Copains: to give a wide choise that allows potentially everyone to be always trendy and stylish. Every cloth can be matched with one of another collection: the result would always be a elegant and classy look.


Les Copains

Via Larga, 31
Bologna, Italy 40138
Tel: [+39] 05-153-6011
Web: Les Copains Italian Knitwear ready-to-wear

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