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Loro Piana

Quality. This is what makes Loro Piana stand out from the crowd of fashion maisons, being an important representative of the made-in-Italy label. Quality of fabrics, wovens and manufacturing skills are the keys to this Italian fashion house success, the strong points around which all its work is developed and focused.


Loro Piana comes from a century-old tradition of woolen weaves merchants. The brand was founded in the yearly years of the 19th century, by the Loro Piana family in a Northern region of Italy. Due to their first success, one of the members of the family, Pietro Loro Piana, decided to develop their business and expanded its activity creating a company always up-to-date with fashion trends and client needs. But the Loro Piana fashion house as we know it at present days was launched in the Forties, when Franco Loro Piana took the helm of the company.


Through the years, the Loro Piana brand become worldwide renowned for the extremely high quality of his woolen fabric, and began exporting them to every continent. Cashmere was the point of diamond of their production, with the characteristic softness and resistance that makes it one of the most appreciated and luxurious weaves in the world of fashion.


Next to cashmere there are many other precious materials, from the rare Peruvian Vicuña to the wool of dark Merino sheeps, called “Black sheep” for its characteristic natural color. The Italian company has gained the privilege to deal in extremely sought and refined Baby cashmere, the wool obtained from the first shearing of baby Hyraces goats. Loro Piana has exploited its ability to find and distribute this manufactured special weaves to gain the leadership on the worldwide fashion panorama.


The Eighties marked a turning point for the Italian wool company, not only because of its sudden and strong expansion over the international market, but also because of the launch of the first Loro Piana ready- to-wear collections. This was the fundamental step that the company needed to become a true Italian fashion maison. From then on, the ready-to-wear sector expanded and become more and more important. This led to the individuation of two different divisions within the Italian fashion brand: the Loro Piana Luxury goods, which includes not only men, women and children collections but also accessories lines studied to complete every outfit, and Loro Piana Textile Division, which puts forward the tradition of wool and weaves manufacture.


Next to the two principal sectors, the Italian fashion house has launched in 2006 a line of luxurious home furniture and accessories, the Interiors Business unit, which operates within the Textile Division, together with the Fabric Business and the Yarn Business units. No equivalent to Loro Piana Textile Division could be found; a wide range of precious fabrics of all colors is made available not only to create the same Loro Piana Luxury goods, but also to external architects and interior designer who wants to use their highly refined materials to enrich their designs.


Loro Piana has manufacturing facilities spread in different parts of the world, from Italy to Us or Outer Mongolia, and to facilitate the distribution of its products, it has opened over 130 selling points all over the globe, the first of which was set in 1993 in New York, followed by the ones in Milan and Venice in 1998. The Italian fashion brand, registering a turnover of almost 300 millions of Euros, has become the indiscussed leader of cashmere and precious wool weaves distribution all over the world, bringing the made-in-Italy label to the top of the world fashion chart.


Loro Piana Headquarter

Corso Rolandi, 10
13017 Quarona Sesia (Vercelli), Italy
Te: [+39] 0163 201111
Fax: [+39] 0163 430099

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