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When you hear the name Marzotto, you have to imagine a real Italian textile empire, leader in its sector for the excellency of the fabrics and weaves it has been producing and using over almost 200 years of history.

Marzotto’s empire is even older than the same Italy, since it was founded in 1836 in the region of Veneto, which was still under Hapsburg rule. Weaves production started under the label of Lanificio Luigi Marzotto & Figli, growing and becoming more specialized as years went by. Under the guide of Gaetano Marzotto Jr. the family-run company started to take its actual shape.

The Marzotto Company was fundamental not only to the development of Italian fashion, but also for the village it was located in and for the people who worked for the Italian textile brand. To the growth of the Marzotto group corresponded indeed the growth of Valdagno, the town that hosts the Italian weaves factory. Every kind of service was granted to the Marzotto’s employees, from the school to the hospital, from entertainment places to homes and other social facilities. During the post-second war era, the Marzotto Group created a real Social Village that had no comparable predecessors.

Still, we have to wait for the 80’s and 90’s for the Marzotto’s name to appear on the renowned international showrooms. The Italian textile company expanded its activity and influence to the world of home accessories and fabrics, through the acquisition of the Italian towels and blankets (and many other home textiles) producer Bassetti. To the Home decor brand have been added other specialized labels, such as the Lanerossi, the Italian leader in wool weaves production, and the German fashion maison Hugo Boss.

But the turning point in the world of high fashion came in 2002, when the Valentino Spa, one of the most famous Italian maison, was acquired by the Marzotto Group, together with the excellence and luxury that the Valentino label carried. Soon the importance of the Italian high-fashion brand brought to a separation between the textile and the fashion sector within the same Marzotto label. The first one is now under the control of the Marzotto Spa, while the haute couture production goes under the lead of the Valentino Fashion Group.

The structure of the Marzotto Spa can be further divided into different sectors and sub-factories, specialized in high-quality textile production, wool manufacturing, silk, linen and other weaves processing, destined to the worldwide fashion market as well as to the home furniture and complements. Plants can be found all over the Italian territory, with bases spread from North to South. Joint ventures and merging have helped the Italian leader company to expand and confirm its activity and power on the worldwide textile scenery.

Among the products of the Marzotto Group we have to name just a few very known labels: the Microwool fabrics, actually holding the title of best half-woolen fabric in the world, is obtained through a mix of wool, polyester and elastic; the “cold fabrics” of the Reflex line see wool combined with silk or mohair, while the secret of the Toccami’s fabrics softness lies in the production methods.

These are just ones of the key factors for the enormous success of the Italian textile company under the guide of its President Antonio Fravin has registered an yearly turnover of more than 300 millions of Euros, distributing its products worldwide through a tight web of retailing. The excellent quality of the materials obtained using always innovative and technologically up-to-date machineries and techniques is what make Marzotto a unique label, recognizable by everyone in every part of the world.

Actually, Marzotto’s fame doesn’t implicate only fashion or the textile market, but also culture and arts. The Marzotto family was always tied up with the development of new artistic trends and has always supported young talents. This particular interest of the Italian textile empire for literature and different forms of culture ended up with the creation of the Marzotto Prize, which from its creation in 1951 and for the next two decade represented a big way to recognize and back new names in every sector and discipline, from medicine and modern sciences to poetry, journalism, theatre or painting.

There’s no doubt that the Marzotto Group has a special relationship with Italy and Italian people, and is proud of being a standard-bearer of the made-in-Italy label throughout the whole world. The Italian textile leader’s trademark is a guarantee, a symbol of the highest-quality weaves and materials, known and used by fashion maison or designers all over the globe.

Marzotto S.p.A.

Via Turati, 16/1820121 Milano, Italy

Administration headquarters

Marzotto S.p.A.
Largo Santa Margherita, 11
36078 Valdagno (VI), Italy
Tel: [+39] 0445 429411
Fax: [+39] 0445 402000
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