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Nazareno Gabrielli

An investment in Nazareno Gabrielli is an investment in the rich and timeless heritage of the iconic Italian fashion label. Gabrielli was founded in 1907, when craftsmanship and quality surpassed society’s fashionable needs. However, Nazareno Gabrielli realized consumers were instead seeking a refined, uncompromising blend of both – a purist mix of the traditional and contemporary. Succumbing to the demands of the modern world, the Tolentino house began reworking its signature leather goods using cutting-edge techniques, creating products that dutifully encompassed both style and sophistication.

Triumphing through world wars and a slew of trifling economic climates, Gabrielli has continued to be a purveyor of some of the world’s finest leather and paper products. Each piece has the feel and look of unique customization bringing its user a sense of inherent class.

Nazareno Gabrielli offered its customers a full look until 2009. For nearly a century, the fashion house designed and produced not only accessories but clothing, as well, so the wearer could be outfitted in Gabrielli from head to toe. At present, however, the Italian-based label offers solely a range of luxurious lifestyle accessories – from its signature leather diaries to structured totes, sleek luggage, watches, cufflinks, ties and scarves. This allows the brand to focus on the fine craftsmanship and utterly timeless design of its beloved, signature accessories.

As the sartorial benefits of the fast-fashion world continue their relentless tirade on luxury brands as Nazareno Gabrielli, the label’s commitment to its country’s culture and artisanal history have allowed its legacy to not only purvey but flourish. The accessories of Gabrielli, especially the leather goods, withstand the tests of time and trend.

In recent years, the label has been honored at the Design I Relama in Russia and been awarded the “Golden Staple,” which promotes the development of stationary products.

Techniques and trends will forever continue to evolve, but Nazareno Gabrielli’s enduring taste for all that is classic and desirable will continue to win over consumers looking for pieces that can be cherished for years to come.

Nazareno Gabrielli S.p.A.

Contrada Cisterna 63
62029 Tolentino (Macerata), Italy
Tel.: [+39] 0733 9021
Fax: [+39] 0733 974455
Web: Nazareno Gabrielli Luxury Leather Goods


Via Santo Spirito 3
20124 Milano, Italy
Tel.: [+39] 02 76317923
Fax: [+39] 02 76397728
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