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Sisley is the young and avant-garde line of the luxury Italian fashion brand the Benetton Group. Since its launch in 1968 Sisley has consistently produced classy, trendy collections every season, making it one of the best ambassadors of Italian design in the world.

While the revolutionary young protestors of the Sixties were turning society upside down, the Sisley Denim collection was doing the same in the world of fashion. Its innovative styling was aimed principally at younger buyers, but soon caught the eye of the big players.  It wasn’t long before the Benetton Group saw the new brand’s potential and wanted it as part of its Italian fashion empire.

1985 marked Sisley’s coming of age. Everything was changed as the label was redefined from the bottom up.  From production to point of sale and advertising, everything was reworked with the aim of giving Sisley a more independent personality. Even the logo was changed from its gold and burgundy badge to a more elegant gold on black design.

Sisley has ready-to-wear lines for men, women and children. Sisley Young is destined for the under-12s, proving fashion awareness can never start too early. Another important label is Sisley Underwear, designed for those who consider underwear as important as outerwear. The label also has  accessory lines from handbags to eyewear and sunglasses, allowing followers to dress from top to toe in the label.

In line with Benetton Group policy, Sisley designers always try to create trends and be one step ahead of the competition. The Benetton Group and Sisley use their resources to the max, while the creative team is tasked with constantly coming up with new, fashionable products.

But Sisley differs from its Italian fashion empire parent in a crucial point: advertising and promotion. While Benetton has always caught the public’s attention with its controversial and often shocking campaigns, Sisley aims to connect with the customer in a more direct and personal way.  A prime example is the Sisley’s Travelers Diary. More than a simple catalogue: the key components of the Sisley collection are presented via a sort of journal, telling the story of trips to different parts of the world in both words and pictures. This Travelers Diary reflects the philosophy of the Italian fashion house, giving its clients something unexpected and aspirational but that they also feel comfortable with.

Sisley’s popularity with its public means the label has over 850 points of sale worldwide, giving it annaul record turnovers which increase year on year.

But most importantly of all, Sisley has never forgotten its key market – the young. This has led to a number of initiatives to encourage young talent in not only fashion but also the world of cinema, music and art, under the slogan “Independent people”. On Sisley’s website, you can visit a page completely dedicated to “Stories of life, indie music and movies, free art and smart people”.

The ‘S’ logo on many of Sisley’s creations (particularly accessories) has become a symbol for young, cool followers of fashion and style, synonymous with Italian design which has a strong modern feel.


Benetton Headquarters: Villa Minelli 1
31050 Ponzano (TV), Italy
Tel: [+39] 0422 519111
Fax: [+39] 0422 969501

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