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100 years of history make Trussardi one of the most creative and progressive Italian brands on the international scene. What began as a little glove factory set in Bergamo, now the unmistakable Trussardi label can be found in the most important sectors of “Made-in-Italy”: fashion, food, arts and design.


The name Trussardi first appears in 1911, on elegant, luxurious gloves produced by Dante Trussardi in his little workshop in Bergamo, Northern Italy. Even in its early years synonymous with refined quality and traditional elegance, the Italian brand was appreciated among elite, so much that Trussardi soon became the official supplier of the English royalty.


In the Sixties and Seventies, Italy was the center of the social revolution that changed the world of fashion. In this setting, Nicola Trussardi, Dante’s nephew, took over the helm of the Italian brand, making it one of the most reknown representatives of Made-in-Italy worldwide. Nicola Trussardi transformed the Italian label into a lifestyle, grouping under its traditional excellence and elegance every possible aspect of daily life.


In 1973 the turning point was marked by a greyhound. The dog, synonymous with agility and dynamism, was adopted to identify the all the products of the Italian fashion house, and soon became the icon of Trussardi, a reminder of its innovative and creative style, always side by side with elegance and sophistication that characterize “Made-in-Italy” all over the world.


With the label defined, Trussardi began producing bags, suitcases, and small leather goods. With the help of an expert technical staff they studied new and sophisticated procedures for treating and refining leather. Taking advantage of the developments in tannery much softer leather was used for many items, softer and more supple than the traditional skins used.


The immediate success of the first collection led the Italian maison to the enlargement of the product range from the original sector. First a series of accessories was completed including suitcases, belts, shoes, umbrellas, foulards, and ties. The next step was fragrances and ready-to- wear, specializing in leather garments. The Italian brand soon expanded its range from house furniture (the first collection, Inside, was launched in 1978) to means of transport. Thanks to the elegant and creative Trussardi bicycle in 1981, the Alfa Romeo 90 in 1985, and later the Mini, the Italian label was carried everywhere, reaching even the sky with the restyling of uniforms and airplanes for the major Italian flying company Alitalia.


In 1983, for the first time, Trussardi presented a womens ready-to-wear collection during the twice yearly Milano Collezioni shows, at the legendary Teatro alla Scala, a first for Milan. In succeeding years the Italian fashion house presented his shows in some of Milan’s most renowned locations, including in front of the Duomo, the main cathedral, in the San Siro hippodrome, and in the magic scenery of Castello Sforzesco, under the guidance of the famous Italian film director Dario Argento.


In 1986 the Italian fashion group opened the Palatrussardi on the outskirts of Milan, which has hosted a number of pop and rock concerts, including that of Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli, and Sammy Davis Jr.


Ten years later, Palazzo Trussardi Marino Alla Scala was inaugurated. The new flagship store, realized with the extraordinary collaboration of the architect Pierluigi Cerri and the designer of Ben Van Os and Reiner Van Brummelen, tells the story of the Made-in-Italy brand defined throughout the years as elegance and refined luxury. The building still hosts not only fashion shows but also art exhibitions, cultural initiatives and haute-cuisine challenges (with its luxurious restaurant and café). The events are organized by the Nicola Trussardi Foundation, under the artistic direction of Massimiliano Gioni and the lead of Beatrice Trussardi, a breeding ground of bright minds and eclectic ideas.


From arts, to music, sports and cinema (with the film Prêt-à-Porter under the direction of Robert Altman, where Nicola Trussardi plays a cameo) the Italian label appears in every field of international culture. The greyhound dog is a trademark universally recognized as a synonym of style, elegance and Italian fashion tradition.


Since the opening of the first Trussardi shop in 1976 in Via Sant’Andrea, Milan, the network of the Italian brand has expanded to a worldwide scale. The Trussardi group now counts over 400 boutiques. From the Italian fashion capitals Milan and Rome, to Taiwan, Paris, Moscow, Shangai, New York or Beijing, the Italian brand is now spread to every corner of the globe.


The group is now under the guidance of Beatrice Trussardi, President and CEO of the Italian maison, winner of various accolades and prizes she’s bringing the group towards greater future successes. With its yearly turnover of about 180 millions of euro, Trussardi is already an empire on the world of Italian fashion.


Different brands are grouped together under the Italian label: Trussardi 1911, a women and men collection that looks back to tradition, Tru Trussardi and Trussardi Jeans, with its renewed and young style, Trussardi Baby and Junior, for the next generations, Trussardi Home, Trussardi Eyewear and Trussardi Perfumes for the accessories. They all bear the “made-in-Italy” label, a guarantee of quality and elegant sophistication.


Trussardi S.p.A.

Piazza Eleonora Duse, 4
20122 Milano, Italy
Tel: [+39] 02 8068821

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