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Major Model Agencies in Italy

Stomach in, chest out! This is the classical statement that a little girl repeats to herself while walking straight with a book on her head, dreaming of doing it on a catwalk. Surely enough, this little girl knows nothing, or very little, about the fashion system and about how to reach the international runways. Like all over the world, the first fundamental step is entering the door of one of the major model agencies in Italy. Fashion capitals have been the showcase for many beautiful and successful women such as Eva Riccobono or Monica Bellucci, which, thanks to Italian model agencies which launched them, are now representing Italy all over the globe.

No wonder why is full of modeling agencies in Italy, this is one of the home countries of Mediterranean beauty as well as the cradle of a unique and unmistakable Italian style that all the globe imitates and begrudge. The top ten Italian modeling agencies being located in the two capitals of style: Milan and Rome. Modeling in Milan as well as in Rome means reaching an international public, being under the spotlight and in front of the investigating eye of critics, experts and talent scouts come from all over the world to attend the event. Modeling agencies in Italy offer the possibility to reach this important showcase.

But, of course, the way to success is not as simple as it may seem. Everyday, many beautiful girls and boys enter the door of an Italian modeling agency, hoping to get a job, at least. From that very moment, they start an uphill path, made of modeling portfolios, books, castings calls and maybe, finally, modeling. As many Italian modeling agencies acknowledge, they could not guarantee modeling jobs, but they are certainly the major means to get them.

In Italy, each modeling agency works following a different scheme, so models have to be ready for every eventuality, that can go from an open call, a casting for future works, to go-sees, where models meet potential clients, or even to more specific closed casting for a precise job. On every occasion, agents meet models and evaluate them not only on the basis of physical characteristics, but also for their personality or their posture, depending often on the job and role they have to cover.

From men’s to plus size modeling agencies, the fashion business has been expanding opening new sectors, specialized in working with children, for example. Modeling agencies for kids have to follow norms and laws different from normal Italian modeling agencies, due to the age of their models. But this field is expanding, and more and more families bring their little children to one of the top modeling agencies in Italy to assure them a future in the fashion world.

Little places where your dreams can come true, through the help and the hard work of professional figures such as agents and talent scouts which have to spot the new faces and launch them in the international fashion world. Modeling agencies in Italy have seen many of their models became famous: the Italian actress Monica Bellucci started to work for Elite, one of the most important modeling agencies of Milan, while the supermodel Bianca Balti has signed a lot of contracts under the Brave Model Management.

These are just some example of the famous names that appear on the rich panorama of modeling agencies in Italy. Model agencies can be considered the bridge between Italian beauty represented by models, and Italian style, dictated by fashion designers. They are a standard bearer of made-in- Italy from a double point of view, giving Italian models the opportunity to make a career not only in their own country, and to Italian fashion Maisons to be represented by the best faces selected all over the world.


fashion-model-agencies-elite-milanoElite Model Management

Via Tortona, 35 (c\o ecube)
20144 Milano, Italy
Tel: [+39] 02 467-521
Fax: [+39] 02 481-9058

Beatrice Models

Corso di Porta Nuova, 36-38
20122 Milano, Italy
Tel: [+39] 02 3659-0310 (Women Division)
Tel: [+39] 02 3659-0320 (Men Division)
Fax: [+39] 02 8716-1085

Brave Model Management

Via Imperia, 22
20142 Milano, Italy
Tel: [+39] 02 8480-0811
Fax: [+39] 02 8951-1598

Fashion Model Management

Via Guglielmo Silva, 40
(corner with Via Monte Rosa)
20149 Milano, Italy
Tel: [+39] 02 480-861
Fax: [+39] 02 481-9164

Why Not Model Management

Via Zenale, 9
20123 Milano, Italy
Tel: [+39] 02 485-331
Fax: [+39] 02 481-8342

Women Model Management

Via Savona, 58
20144 Milano, Italy
Tel: [+39] 02 4771-9557
Fax: [+39] 02 4229-0672


Black & White Management

Via Pistoia, 29
00182 Roma, Italy
Tel: [+39] 06 652-4264
Fax: [+39] 06 6500-4785

Zoe Model Management

Via Valadier, 36
00193 Roma, Italy
Tel: [+39] 06 322-0108
Fax: [+39] 06 321-9371

Glamour Model Management

Largo della Gancia, 5
00195 Roma, Italy
Tel: [+39] 06 372-3724
Fax: [+39] 06 372-3724

Furio Fusco

Via Livorno, 41
00162 Roma, Italy
Tel: [+39] 06 4424-0985
Fax: [+39] 06 9028-0985
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