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Italian Fashion Supermodels

Brown long hair, dark and deep eyes, sensual and soft curves are what characterize Italian femininity, and many Italian supermodels perfectly embody the “stereotype” of Mediterranean beauty. From catwalks to the red carpet, Italian stars have always been considered as a symbol of the Dolce Vita: from Sofia Loren to Monica Bellucci, Italian beauty has always conquered the whole globe. Now it’s up to the new generation of Italian supermodels to play this important role and become the protagonists of the worldwide fashion (and show business) scenery.

From post-war and neorealist movies such as “La ciociara” (the original title of “Two women” by Vittorio de Sica) to the most recent films, like “Malena” by Giuseppe Tornatore, many Italian director have celebrated the Mediterranean classical beauty, giving birth to what has become almost a myth. The worldwide famous Italian actresses Sofia Loren, Isabella Rossellini or Gina Lollobrigida have only cleared the way to many others Italian beauties that are now reaching international success.

Her sensual and very feminine body and her talent for acting have made Sofia Loren unique and incomparable, but many Italian women are ready to take her baton as standard-bearer of Italian femininity. On the head of the list we can find Monica Bellucci, Italian top fashion model who has taken the career of actress and is worldwide renowned as a Mediterranean sex symbol. Working for the most famous fashion houses but most of all for the most important film directors has lead the Italian supermodel to be considered the first heir of the neorealist beauties coming from the “Bel Paese”.

But she isn’t alone. In recent years, Bianca Balti has become popular, embodying the perfect Italian woman: a breathtaking girl with typical Mediterranean features which is first of all a mother, and then one of the most renowned Italian top fashion models of the moment. Next to her, many others beautiful Italian models have been working side by side representing their country all over the world.

The list is long. We could start from the versatile Eva Riccobono, who has moved from international catwalks to the red carpet, even reaching the music sector. As one of the protagonist of the current Italian star system, Eva Riccobono is sought-after by the most important fashion houses all over the world, her icy beauty being unusual for an Italian woman. The same for Vanessa Hessler, well known Italian supermodel and promising actress who has been working for well-known Italian film directors after having treaded the most important international runways.

No wonder why all these Italian beautiful supermodels appear in the most important campaigns and shows, and all of them have been portrayed by the most famous photographers of the world, representing their country for magazines as Vogue, Flair or Elle, or even for the best calendars ever, such as the Pirelli Calendar. Sofia Loren has set a record, being the “oldest” top model to pose for Patrick Demarchelier for the Pirelli Calendar 2007, at the age of 72. A timeless beauty, that of Donna Sofia, destined to be equalized (maybe) by the younger Italian supermodels such as Elisa Sednaoui or Mariacarla Boscono.

Wonderful goddesses of the catwalks, Italian top fashion models are worldwide recognized as the representatives of Mediterranean femininity, ambassadors of Italian culture, local traditions and values, like the concept of Italian family above all. As many stars of the recent past demonstrate, Italian beauty is eternal and destined to be passed on from generation to generation of Italian top fashion models and wonderful women.

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