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Italian Handbags: Timeless Beauty

No woman in the world would ever go out without one fundamental accessory: her handbag. Whether spacious or small, calfskin or crocodile, timeless tote or cool clutch, there’s nothing like a great bag to brighten up your outfit and bring a smile to your face.

There’s really only one country that knows how to create handbags that make you want to weep they are so perfect, and that is Italy. Italian handbags and purses are world famous – synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and sheer drop dead gorgeousness. No wonder celebrities show off their latest Gucci or Prada bag with almost as much pride as their latest man!

When it comes to knock out arm candy then there’s nothing that can beat an Italian handbag. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the gym or the Oscars, the shopping mall or a Hollywood premiere, you’ll find a beautiful bag to fit the occasion. Considering you are really talking about a container for make up and hairbrush, cell phone and perfume, it’s quite amazing how innovative and beautiful the right handbag can be.

Italian handbag designers know that their creations are more than just accessories. They are status symbols, aspirational but also just within the reach of most of us. An ordinary outfit (as if you would ever go out in such a thing) can be transformed with the right bag and if you make that bag Italian – well, you are streets ahead in the fashion stakes.

Although handbags and purses can be in anything from velvet or crochet to the fashion house’s own material such as the famous Gucci fabric, the material most closely associated with Italy has to be leather. Italian leather handbags are truly in a class of their own. They can be all shiny and in your face like Prada’s gold patent leather and Versace’s glitzy glamour or else subtle and buttery soft like Max Mara’s classic Hobo leather bag. Whatever the fashion house, whoever the designer, you know that Italian leather bags are always beautifully made, exquisitely finished and bang on trend.

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