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Italian Perfumes: Alluring, Trendy, Passionate

It’s said that smell is the most powerful of the five senses, and that one sniff of a long forgotten scent can transport you back to the time and place you first encountered it faster than you can say cologne. It’s little wonder that people have been using perfume and fragrance for thousands of years to make themselves more alluring and to create magical moments that memories are made of. And if you have ever worn an Italian perfume then you will know that there is nothing like an Italian fragrance to stir up those primitive passions.

Whilst perfumed oils, flowers, herbs and spices have been used for millenia, it was in fact an Italian who first created cologne. Young Italian perfumer Giovanni Maria Farina conjured up his fragranced water – ‘eau de cologne’ – in 1708 and named it after the German town he was then living in. It s popularity swept through Europe, although interestingly enough people also used to drink it as it was believed to have medicinal properties. Please don’t be tempted to down a bottle of your Armani fragrance though, unless you want to be the best-smelling patient in A&E.

Nowadays every Italian fashion house worth its salt has launched its own signature collection of men’s cologne and women’s perfumes, recognising the potency of the sense of smell.  They know that many of us stick to a favourite perfume and like to be recognised by it. But unlike a dress or a handbag, scent alters depending on the wearer. The complex composition of perfume means that it will react to your skin’s chemistry and create a unique smell. So even if ten people in a room are wearing Dolce & Gabbana’s The One (we hope you appreciate the irony there) it will smell different on each person. That’s the power of perfume. It’s a clever chameleon with infinite possibilities.


Italian perfumes and cologne run the gamut from delicate vanilla, through fresh florals and lively citrus to strong and musky spices. But these stunning scents are not famous only for the way they smell, but also for the way they look. The design is planned to reflect perfectly the Italian fashion house that created it. Just look at the colorful cartoon-like bottles from Moschino, the glorious gold canisters from Gucci, the curvy feminine woman’s perfume from Versace or the “monumental” shape of Roma by Laura Biagiotti. Every Italian perfume can be identified by the shape and color of its bottle.

To begin your perfumed odyssey, just click on some of the enchanting Italian perfumes and Italian colognes we have selected for you here and then let your senses take over…


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