Travel to Italy News

Travel between Italian cities is evermore convenient, as discount airlines spread and bus tours flourish. However, the traditional method of Italian train travel remains the most frequently used option to tour the country. It is also a superb way to see the countryside, which changes dramatically with each region and season.

Where to find the best examples of Roman wall paintings. How to bypass the long lines at the Colosseum's ticket booth. Where to get your lunch without paying exorbitant prices. How to wrap up your visit to the Sistine Chapel in style... Here are ten unique tips that will make your visit to the Eternal City as easy and smart as possible.

Rome is an exceptional city to walk along and view the monuments of different time periods. One can see Classical, Medieval and Baroque architecture side by side, often within the same block. It is also an outstanding city to walk over buildings of different periods, mostly from Roman times. Here are some astonishing underground locations...