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The Wine Museum in Umbria

The Museum of Wine, Fondazione Lungarotti

Torgiano, Italy

The Wine Museum of the Fondazione Lungarotti is located near Perugia and Assisi in Umbria, the land of wine and painters. It can be reached by taking the train to Perugia followed by a 15-minute taxi ride. By car it's a short ride from the Rome-Milan autostrada del sole, taking the Valdichiana exit if you come from the north and the Orte exit if coming from the south. In both cases you take the state road E45 marked Perugia and turn off at Torgiano.

The museum was the idea of Countess Lungarotti, who not only runs a thriving winery but also an agriturism complex. She and her late husband, Count Giorgio Lungarotti, created the museum and opened it in the heart of Torgiano, in 1974. It is operated today by the Lungarotti Foundation. It is located on the first floor and basement of the Palazzo Graziani-Baglioni.

When I heard about this museum I envisioned thousands and thousands of bottles of wine, but to my surprise, I couldn't find even one. The museum is, instead, a fascinatiing combination of a history lesson along with the story of the development from ancient times of the making and drinking of wine, illustrating not only the evolution of the equipment for making wine but also the vessels used for storing, transporting, and drinking wine. There are also many art works, drawings, paintings, prints, and ceramics illustrating the consumption of wine. The area is also the home of "Vino Novello," Italy's answer to New Beaujoulais.

Contessa Lungarotti also runs the Hotel Le Tre Vaselle, just around the corner from the museum, which has a restaurant open year-round serving meals with many ingredients grown locally. (Tel: 39-75-988-447) Her Agritourism complex, Poggio alle Vigne, is a pleasant place to stay, with breath-taking views across the valley, and is within walking distance of the museum, less than two kilometers. MUSEO DEL VINO, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 11, 06089 Torgiano (Perugia), Tel: 39-75-9880200, Fax: 985294 - Hours: Summer: 9-13, 15-19, Winter: 9-13, 15-18. Ticket: 5,000 lire, Groups of at least 10 persons 2,000 lire each, Guided visit by appointment, 70,000 lire.

Logan Bentley Lessona
Editor - Made*In*Italy*On*Line

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