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Innovation, elegance and quality are what make Boffi interior design one of the leaders in the international furnishing market. The Italian manufacturer is known worldwide for its kitchens and bathrooms and has now started creating storage solutions including some revolutionary closet storage systems.

Boffi’s origins are deeply rooted in the family business. The company was set up by Piero Boffi in 1934, when he opened his own manufacturing factory and in the 1950’s he passed it to his sons. With Dino, Paolo and Pier Ugo Boffi at the helm, Boffi began to pave its way in the world of interior design.

Boffi worked in collaboration with  some of the most talented and well-known designers of the time. Giulio Confalonieri was Boffi’s graphic designer from 1950 to 1965 while Luigi Massoni Art Director (from 1960 to 1980). Working with these big names in furniture design resulted in Boffi becoming one of the leading companies of its sector, and Boffi kitchen and bathroom designs were soon world famous for their quality and style.

Boffi’s history is full of successes and breakthroughs, beginning with their first colored kitchens collection “Series C”, designed by Asti, Favre and Boffi in 1954. Boffi kitchens were launched on the world stage as modern, high quality, innovative products while maintaining Italian furnishing traditions.

In 1960 Gian Casé and Pier Ugo Boffi created the “T 12” series, bringing laminate and wood into the world of kitchen furniture. In 1963, Joe Colombo, the Italian architect and interior designer, totally overturned the classical concept of the kitchen by introducing  Boffi’s “Minikitchen”. Merging the “total-living” concept with the needs of modern families, Colombo created a revolutionary kitchen solution The space-saving design was fully- functional and contained everything you could need in a kitchen from the stove and refrigerator to drawers for tableware, worktops  and even space to store cookbooks. This new Boffi interior design product, called the Carrellone Mini-Kitchen earned Boffi a gold medal  at the Triennale di Milano and it was sold all over the world.

Their never-ending search for new materials and technologies to create ever better solutions for families has led over the years to the employment of many new techniques such as bright lacquer painting. “Factory” is an example of Boffi lacquered furniture. Created by Antonio Citterio and Paolo Nava in 1980, it is a  fusion of storage and high-tech design.

In the 1980’s, given ithe success of Boffi kitchens, the company decided to expand its activity and created the Boffi Bathroom design brand. The year 1998 was marked by two historic Boffi bathroom designs: “I Fiumi” by Claudio Silvestrin and “Minimal” by Giulio Gianturco. The first line included a series of shelves and units for bathroom using a folding technique that allows the unit to appear to be one piece, while “Minimal” is a simple uncluttered line of bathroom furniture and accessories, suitable for every space. Boffi bathroom’s have involved the collaboration of other famous names such as Norbert Wangen and Naoto Fukasawa who recently designed the Terra bathtub and the Sabbia bath system.

In the last decade, Boffi has expanded into creating storage systems that rationalize space. The first design was “Anthea” in 2006, a wall partition system designed by Studio Kairos to divide living spaces (separating a dining from a living area for example) and exploiting  the space on hand as much as possible. In 2010 the totally innovative “Solferino” closet system was added to Boffi’s product range and highlighting the company’s new vision of “total-living”. The same year also saw the launch of “Aboutwater”, a new project in collaboration with the faucet manufacturer Fantini combining the successful qualities of the two brands.

Boffi kitchen and bathroom design is one of the world leaders in the interior design sector, amply demonstrated by its awards and certifications, among which is ISO certification. This accolade is given to companies which have focussed on sustainable design, as Boffi has always done throughout its history.

Sustainability, first rate materials, innovative techniques and an unmistakable style are at the core of this Italian interior design giant which has an annual turnover of almost 60 million Euros and has 23 flagship stores and 41  mono-brand stores in every part of the world, from Europe to the Middle East, from the US to New Zealand.

Boffi S.p.A.
Via Oberdan, 70
20823 Lentate sul Seveso (Monza Brianza), Italy
Tel: [+39] 0362 5341

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