Italian Coats and Outerwear: Warm but Cool

You know the old expression: “You can’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, in Italy you can forget it. Because for an Italian every part of the ensemble is important, from the top of the head to the tips of the toes; from underwear to outerwear. When you look at things that way, then Italian coats and jackets become the sartorial equivalent of a knockout cover – attention grabbing, unmistakable, unforgettable.

A warm coat can be super cool, if you choose the right one. This involves selecting the correct length, design, cut, colour and fabric. Don’t underestimate the effect that colour can have by the way, gorgeous red Italian shearling coats can infuse you with energy as well as keep you warm, while a soft cream can make your complexion radiant. And good old reliable black always looks sophisticated.

Your coat should be the crowning glory of your outfit, rather than a hastily thrown on cover up to keep the weather at bay. It can actually be the most stylish part of what you wear, you only have to look at the buttery softness and superb cut of Italian leather coats and jackets or the cozy softness and rich colors of Italian wool coats to know that. In fact it seems a shame to save them only for cooler days when they look this good.

One way to make sure you and your coat get noticed is to do what the Italians do and throw it over your shoulders. That way, even if the weather is not really that suitable for outerwear you can still attract admitting glances for your style and panache. This goes as much for the guys as the ladies.  Italian men love their coats and jackets almost as much as they love their cars, maybe more.

To help ensure your outer layers are as chic as your under layers, we have assembled this favoloso collection of Italian coats outerwear from our favorite selection of online suppliers. You’ll be longing for rain and snow just so you can show them off. Enjoy.

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