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We all know being beautiful is an Italian art, and so who better to go to when you want to add a little glamour, a little drama, some smoky tones, a beautiful scent or a pop of the latest color to your look. Italian cosmetic companies, a nearly $10 billion industry, develop their products in lock step with the latest trends coming off the runways in Milan. So it’s only logical that, if you are someone savvy about your beauty, you can find exactly what you need from the Italians.

If you want something lux, Dolce & Gabbana have their own make-up line including some lush shiny lipsticks; Magnifica is a favorite deep creamy carmine color from that line. Brands like Diego di Palma and Deborah Milano began making product as early as the 1970s, handling beauty for names like Versace, Krizia, and Fiorucci. Both companies’ contemporary offerings maintain a strong connection to what is coming off the Milan runways today. Deborah Milano’s Red Lipstick line is hot in Italy at the moment. Kiko MakeUp Milano is a brand that will pique your interest, especially if you like color. Pupa Milano makes some interesting products for the eye and NOUBA has some standout matte baked eyeshadow. Victor Moda offers fun affordable lip glosses, among other things. And last but not least, Bea is a nice line for foundation, which leads us to skin care.

Italian skin care products are famous for rejuvenating and reinvigorating, especially when we’re talking about being out and about in the sun. Many brands, including Rilastal, have an entire sun systems line. Vagheggi, a brand committed to producing phytocosmetics, offers a line many Italian women swear by, especially those concerned about combatting the effects of age and sun damage. If you are looking for a great natural skin care products, try L’Erbolario. They make an amazing almond lip balm in a yellow tube. They also offer a new organic line using the essence of blackberry and other berries called Acqua di More.

A distinctly Italian scent and something luxury can open all sorts of doors. You might try Acqua di Parma, known for their signature scent Colonia introduced in 1916. This brand offers a pretty line called Blu Mediterraneo with scents specific to different regions of Italy, including Aranica di Capri, Cipresso di Toscana, and Mandorla di Sicilia. If you are looking for a chic eau di parfum, which has something of a cult following, try the exotic woodsy 10 Corso Como (which also happens to be the boutique address of style guru and former Italian Vogue Editor Carla Sozzani). The parfum has notes of rose and geranium, and finishes of vetiver and sandalwood. As we said at the outset, whatever lovely thing you are looking for, you’re bound to find it with the Italians.

-Danielle Pollack