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Antonio Fusco

Italian roots mixed with international experience is what characterize the style of Antonio Fusco, one of the most known standard-bearer of the made-in-Italy.


Born in 1942 in a little village near Naples, Antonio inherited from his family the gene of fashion. He grew up surrounded by the furnishing fabrics his parents produced, leading him to take up the career that has brought him to the international success. At the early age of twenty, he left his native town, headed first to New York, then Montreal and Paris, to study design in the most highly regarded schools. The first success came in Istanbul, where he started to work for the Cerruti group.


Inspired by his trips, being a free spirit and with a very strong character, in 1976 Antonio Fusco went back to Italy, this time to Milan, determined to start his own business. He opened a factory in Corsico, a village near Milan, and soon his activity began to get off the ground. However, it’s stunning how he managed to keep his profile low in an era when Milanese ready-to-wear was at its very height.


While the clamoring around him became louder and louder, Antonio led his craftsmanship tradition to the top of success, and his creation began to be famous all over the world within a very selected clientele. In 1979 his wife Patrizia joined him bringing with her a new wave of creativity and novelty. Antonio Fusco started to design what became the strength of his collections: his men’s jacket. He kept the classical structure of the jacket’s shape, with the particular shoulders Neapolitan tradition tailoring was famous for, but restyling and revolutionizing it. The extreme care dedicated to details, the luxury of the fabrics, the finishing work behind every cloth he made was what made Antonio Fusco rise from the group.


But what marked the turning point for the Antonio Fusco fashion house was the idea of transplanting his male jacket to women’s world. In the 80’s he created the famous Milano jacket, the Portofino suit, the Montecarlo and Vienna coats, for strong and determined “business women” who wanted to leave their femininity at home. Still in and fashionable, presented in different ways, materials and colors, the jacket has become the symbol of his quality and particular style all over the world.


His renewed items of classical Italian fashion tradition led Fusco to the well-known catwalks of the Milan Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion events in the world, organized by the Fashion Council of which he’s a founding member. Fusco’s advertisement campaigns have appeared on the most popular fashion magazines: top models like Naomi Campbell or the Italian Carla Bruni were portrayed wearing Antonio Fusco’s clothes.


Throughout the 35 years of his ever-growing career, the Italian fashion designer Antonio Fusco was awarded with several prizes. The city of Milan recognized his contribution to the spreading of Lombardy’s industry and tradition giving him the Isimbardi prize in 2003. His craftwork didn’t go unnoticed neither by his native province, Caserta, which named him as ambassador of Eccellenze Campane in 2008. But the real reward always comes from the public, ever faithful to the Italian designer.


Nowadays the Antonio Fusco maison includes not only the men and women collections, but also lines of accessories and a license for Men and Women perfumes. The Italian fashion brand is still widening its horizon, opening itself to the international business, while his headquarters still remain in Corsico, near Milan. The high incomes of the company (the yearly turnover is estimated around 12 millions of Euros) don’t prevent Antonio Fusco to maintain his values untouched. The leading element of his work is passion, “without passion you can’t do anything” he says.




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