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The Best Italian Kicks, Puddle Jumpers & Party Shoes for Tot

We usually think gorgeous stilettos or wingtips when we think great Italian shoes, but don’t forget the kiddies. Tired of only finding cheap plastic, ill-fitting shoes for your little one’s tender feet? In Italy children’s shoes are made with the same love and attention to quality as adult shoes, using excellent workmanship and supple leathers. Italian shoes offer a combination of supreme comfort made especially for your little one’s gentle feet, high quality components and stitching to prevent quick wear and tear, and fun colors and designs that your child will love.

Kids shoes by Naturino
Naturino uses the most beautiful leathers, never synthetics, on all parts of the shoe in contact with your child’s foot. © Naturino.


Naturino is a famous Italian children’s shoe brand, which makes high quality footwear for ages 2-12 using their exclusive “Sand Effect System” in the soles, especially designed for children’s tender developing feet. This is a much-loved brand in Italy. Many styles include high tread soles so little ones who are just learning to walk will have no trouble with slips or falls. If you like something sparkly, have a look at their Swarovski line, and for winter gear see their great warm, water-repellant Rainstep line. Naturino shoes for children are available in dress options, snow boots, and casual sneakers.

Primigi has been making high quality children’s footwear and clothing for more than three decades. Their shoes are designed with wellbeing in mind, in other words, the shoes fit so that the developing foot will not be hindered in any way. Primigi shoes are designed to be durable so that even the most rough and tumble kids will not be able to damage them. These shoes are designed for play, so they are largely casual in style. You can find Primigi for purchase in many places online in the US, and you can see their new collections on their home site.

Kids shoes by Serafini
Serafini uses luxury leathers to create trendy kicks for tots big and small. © Serafini.


Serafini has been making stylish sport shoes since 1932 in Tuscany, and they now have a Junior line with some knockout sneaker options for kids. Hands down, they have the most chic selection for cool kids feet without compromising on comfort and quality workmanship. They have stores all over the world, and Serafini can be purchased online from many sites, though the only brick and mortar in the US is in Palm Beach. For a look at their current Junior collection see their home site.

Geox shoes are stylish, Italian made and durable, and they have a special feature that will appeal to parents of active children everywhere. Nicknamed “the shoe that breathes”, Geox was created by Italian shoemaker, Mario Polegato, launching a specialty design integrating hundreds of tiny holes throughout the sides and top of the shoe. This trademark feature allows the foot to breathe and prevents smells, fungus, and discomfort no matter how hard your child runs or how high she leaps.

Kids shoes by Fiorucci
Fiorucci is not primarily a shoe company like the others mentioned here, but they offer some great styles for kids with colors that pop, like the sparkly little sneak at the center, trimmed in tangerine and two tone pinks. © Fiorucci.


Fiorucci is a fun Italian lifestyle fashion brand, which became extremely popular internationally during the pop culture explosion of 1970s and 80s; it then had such iconic patrons as Andy Warhol and Madonna. Now Naomi Campbell is their guest designer. True to their pop roots, today Fiorucci designs children’s shoes in bright sassy colors for their Youngwear line. If you are looking for something trendy for those little feet, have a look at Fiorucci’s offerings.

Nero Giardini, located in the Marche region of Italy, an area famous for shoe production, is another brand to look for. While some companies have moved parts of their business overseas to reduce costs, Nero Giardini is very much dedicated to keeping all their production facilities local and to employing top Italian artisanal shoemakers. Their collection Primi Passi (First Steps) is for the smallest feet, ages infant to 2 years, while their Linea Bambini e Ragazzi are for older children.

Kids shoes by Nero Giardini
Nero Giardini makes some show stopping looks for kids using that quality craftsmanship Italy is known for. © Nero Giardini.


Whether you are visiting Italy or are doing some online research and shopping, now that you know some of the leading Italian children’s shoe brands you can find just the right pair of kicks, puddle jumpers, or party shoes for your little twinkly toes.

By Danielle Pollack

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