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Graziano Ferrari

The king of the runway’s photography. Graziano Ferrari is one of the most important fashion photographers of the world. He has literally changed the world of fashion photography, with his innovative techniques and revolutionary ideas that have allowed him to became one of the most appreciated contemporary artists of the photographic film.

Born in Parma in 1949, Graziano Ferrari gave up his studies when he was seventeen, to follow his passion for the cameras and the world of fashion. He trained in a big photographic studio, where he learned the basic techniques and the tricks of the trade that he would later exploit to make an extraordinary career full of successes and gratifications. As  apprentice, the Italian fashion photographer did every kind of work that had something to do with photography. It was processing films in the dark rooms that he truly understood his passion and talent, and it was working at the fashion catalogues that he found his future path.

After realising photo-reportages for the Olympic agency and later working as a freelance photo- journalist, Graziano Ferrari entered the world of advertising and publicity. Working for an advertisement agency allowed the Italian photographer to become an important representative of the made-in-Italy professionalism in his sector and to begin to work freelance.

1974 was the year of the turning point. On the occasion of the High Fashion in Rome, Graziano Ferrari photographed dresses and models for the first time directly on the runways, introducing a new concept of fashion photography. In fact, the Italian photographer was the first to understand that using a long telephoto lens placed on the same level of the models was the best way to take pictures of a beauty that could do justice to the women walking on that catwalks and to the beautiful dresses that were the real protagonists of the show. So he started to take a lightweight aluminium stepladder with him to every show he assisted to, soon imitated by his colleagues from all over the world.

This new way of shooting, more precise and with elegant, classy and perfect results, demonstrated the talent and genius of the Italian fashion photographer. Graziano Ferrari soon became a symbol, an icon of made-in-Italy fashion’s image. He has worked for the most important fashion houses, starting an important collaboration with the famous Italian maison Raffaella Curiel, but the Italian photographer has also signed many artistic shoots in different fields, from arts to music, sports or everyday life.

Graziano Ferrari’s unmistakable eye is able to catch every important and precious istant transforming it in printed, glossy, film. Colors, shapes and lines of the world are re-interpreted through the eye of his camera, every shoot describing a person, a place or a lifestyle, not just transfering an image from the brain to the paper. Graziano Ferrari’s photography is the projection of his world, populated by stars, elegant dresses, common people and great sights.

Graziano Ferrari

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