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Minotti furniture is renowned in the world of luxury Italian interior design. Its blend of the traditional and the modern, its innovative use of new materials and fabrics and its talented designers has resulted in the company establishing a reputation for excellence all over the globe.

In the 1950’s the Italian furniture industry was going through a boom period and Italian furniture in particular was gaining a reputation for style and high quality. It was during this period that Alberto Minotti was inspired to set up a furniture factory specializing in hand crafted pieces. He began making luxury items which were created with typical Italian style and quality and his pieces soon became very popular. This success meant that the initially small business expanded quite significantly in the 1960’s.

Even with larger production, Minotti furniture was not reaching a global clientele until Renato and Roberto Minotti took over the company and brought the Minotti brand to the international market. They set up a collaboration with designer and architect Rodolfo Dordoni, who was made creative head of the group in 1997.

Minotti’s key to success was its blending of the traditonal and the contemporary without sacrificing elegance or quality. They are particularly known for their use of textiles. From leather and soft velvet to cotton and cashmere, Minotti’s textile collection offers a wide range of fabrics to choose from. Minotti offers its clients the ability to create a total lifestyle look, choosing products which best reflect their individual style.  The Italian design company is now synonymous with luxury and exceptional design with that unmistakeable ‘made-in-italy’ cachet.

For the Minotti group, research and innovation are fundamental, hence the creation of Minotti Studio: a creative department where a team of designers can work on new ideas, study new trends and design innovations and experiment with new materials and fabrics. The Studio allows them to see every product through from the first sketch to the production phase.

Minotti Studio is the birthplace of every Minotti furniture collection and their lines cover interiors, outdoor designs and contract work for hotels, residential areas, bar, restaurants, museums, theatres, yachts and boutiques all over the world.

Minotti has become a standard bearer for the very best in luxurious Italian style and now has a flagship showroom in the West Hollywood Design District, a fitting star-spangled location for this truly exceptional brand.

Minotti S.p.a.

Via Indipendenza, 152 P.O.Box Numero 61,
20821 Meda (Monza Brianza), Italy
Tal: [+39] 0362 343499
Fax: [+39] 0362 340319

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