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Not just a leader in the field of Italian kitchen design, but a company concerned with the environment and the wellbeing of its clients. This is the philosophy underpinning the Valcucine brand.

Founded in 1980 by Giovanni Dino Cappellotto, Gabriele Centazzo, Franco Corbetta and Silvio Verardo, the new Italian brand soon brought the young kitchen furniture designers to the attention of a global audience.

From their very first year of trading, Valcucine kitchens became synonymous with innovation and style, maintaining the high standards of the Italian furnishing tradition with the exceptional quality of their materials. They used new technology and made small but significant modifications to the classical concept of kitchen design and their first big success came in 1981 with “Ghianda”. It was characterized by beveled edges and curving “soft lines”. Two years later, Valcucine launched “5 Seasons”, the first line of kitchen furniture to use the just-in-time method, which allowed  the color of the modular doors to be changed with just an insert of silicon.

Valcucine’s groundbreaking work continued throughout the late 1980’s and the 1990’s and other innovations followed including “Artematica” in 1988, the first kitchen door in the world where the aluminium frame was invisible.  “Ricicla” followed, offering quality and strength in a panel just 2mm thick. Another innovative solution came with the “Logica system”, the new ergonomically designed kitchen furniture system.

At the 2006 European kitchen furniture fair Eurocucina, Valcucine and the famous Italian kitchen accessories brand Alessi worked on a joint project to create and completely “dress” a kitchen. Created by Italian designer Alessandro Mendini, LaCucinaAlessi was a total concept which offered customized designs, easily adapted to any kind of space and which carried the guarantee of high quality and unmistakable style epitomized by the two leading brands in Italian kitchen furniture.

The same year saw the launch of the DEMODE project. DEMODE stands for Democratic Modern Design, and is at the core of Valcucine’s work. In an economy with almost unlimited possibilities, where everyone can have everything without depriving the others, why can’t we found a society based on respect for humanity and the environment? To live better without using many resources is the aim of the non-growth concept, which Valcucine has been applying throughout its 40 years in business.

Valcucine’s concern for the environment and man’s needs has always played a fundamental role in its revolutionary inventions. The needs of the client are of course fundamental to every design, but its commitment to environmental causes is also evident in every project the Italian company launches. Valcucine’s efforts to make eco-friendly designs led, in 2009, to “Invitrum”, the first kitchen line that has recyclable base units made of  glass and aluminium. After years of research they have finally reached their goal of creating an eco-friendly kitchen without sacrificing quality and elegance.

Its success has led Valcucine to expand into new areas,  from the living room to the laundryroom. Valcucine living rooms are large, comfortable and elegant, offering a relaxing for people to spend their free time. Valcucine has also revived the old tradition of washing by hand into modern homes, through a newly organized laundry space completely designed around this important activity.

Their determination to find new interior design solutions suitable for every need while also respecting the environment has resulted in Valcucine being given many awards, including the Confindustria Award of Excellence in 2006 as well as many nominations for the best Italian design project. With an annual turnover of about 35 million Euros and stores spread over the entire globe, Valcucine is a  testament to the fact that respect for the environment and eco- friendly solutions can live happily side by side with quality, style and elegance.

Valcucine S.p.A.
Via Luciano Savio, 11
33170 Pordenone, Italy
Tel: [+39] 0434 517911
Fax: [+39] 0434 572344

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