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Poliform is a family business that, through years of hard work and its resultant success, has become one of the most iconic Italian brands in the interior design sector. Its slogan is “My life, my style” and this philosophy is reflected in its products: custom-made pieces of modern furniture suitable for everyone.

Founded in 1970 in Brianza, the cradle of the furniture Italian industry in the north of Italy, Poliform was actually an extension a little family workshop dating back to 1942. Never forgetting its woodcarving roots, the reinvented company specialized in producing home furniture on an industrial scale, soon becoming one of the Italian market leaders in interior design.

The leadership of Giovanni Anzani, Alberto Spinelli and Aldo Spinelli, still CEOs and President of the Italian brand, has led Poliform to a yearly turnover of about 100 million Euros and to extend the brand’s unmistakable quality and style into ever new fields, reaching almost 80 countries in the world. Poliform’s great strength is the ease and speed with which it adapts its range to the constantly evolving furniture market.

The Italian furniture brand went on to develop new lines designed for the whole house, using the best and most famous Italian interior designers. It began with its famous range of closets and beds, furnishing, bookshelves, tables and chairs and then finally created an upholstery line in 2006.

Some of its iconic products include Carlo Colombo’s contemporary modular sofa “Shangai” and the “Strip chair”, which has a polyurethane body with removable cushions inspired by the shell system. There’s also the work of Studio Kairos, this Roman design duo winning of different awards for their designs for Poliform. Other designers who have worked with Poliform include Vincent Van Duysen, Paolo Piva and Roberto Lazzeroni, who made their mark on the Poliform and Varenna lines.

In 1996, with the launch of the Varenna kitchen brand, Poliform moved into kitchen furniture design. With its simple, elegant lines and shapes, Varenna kitchen furniture can be easily fitted in all kinds of spaces, adapting to different uses. Varenna’s strength lies in how it tackles the basic problem of kitchens: organization of inner space. Its modular system reinforces the rule that the more inner space a kitchen offers, the more functional it is.

Poliform designs are not only focussed on private homes but also the hospitality and office sectors. The Poliform Contract collection specializes in “dressing” open spaces destined for different activities: from hotels to yachts, from offices to large residential and commercial projects.

Poliform’s involvement in the most prestigious and top quality projects such as the Presidential Chambers of the Clinton Library in Little Rock, or London’s West End Quay, only serves to underline the extraordinary quality of this Italian family company’s designs.

Poliform S.p.a.
Via Montesanto, 28
22044 Inverigo (Como), Italy
Tel: [+39] 031 6951
Fax: [+39] 031 699444

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