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Alessi Corkscrews and Bottle Opener

Tired of your ordinary corkscrew? Want a bottle-opener with…character? Give a look to the Alessi corkscrew collection, surely enough you’ll find a lot of personality.

When you think about Alessi bottle openers, the first image that comes in your mind is that of a dancing woman. No, you’re not gone crazy, you are right. “Anna G”, that is the name of the “woman corkscrew” was invented by the famous Italian designer Alessandro Mendini in 1994, and from then on has represented a symbol, a cult object in the kitchen accessories, imitated and re-edited. The smiling figure represented in the chrome-plated zamak corkscrew was meant to be homage to woman, and gave birth to an entire family of objects with the same characteristics.

The success of “Anna G” led Alessandro Mendini to transform it into a real piece of art, designing the limited series of “Anna Etoiles”. Six different designs (in 99 copies each), decorated with precious stones and gold plated, and a single item with a necklace of diamonds composes the special collection, for a clientele with a very sophisticated taste and a passion for luxury.

Always influenced by fashion, Alessandro Mendini also created his bottle opener-alter ego, “Sandro M”. Not only a male version of “Anna G”, nor a mere autobiographical portrait of its designer, “Sandro M” is a real innovative corkscrew always in line with modern tendencies and fashion, as it was realized in a series of seasonal haute-couture collections.

The “family” of Alessi corkscrew soon adopted its pet: “Parrot”. The bird-like bottle opener was launched in 2004 by Alessandro Mendini, and soon caught the customers’ attention for its small size and funny shape that make this object good-looking and always ready-to-use. To complete the whole line of Alessi corkscrews there are the practical but elegant “Socrates corkscrew” by Jasper Morrison, “Screw it” by the Dutch architect Wiel Arets, and the funny animals portrayed in “Captain Banana” by Stefano Giovannoni.

A line of more simple but not less original bottle openers includes the trendy “Marli”, an object of double-use: from bottle opener to woman’s belt buckle; the “Diabolix” bottle opener inspired by the comics character; the simple and historical “Splügen” and the more modern “Serpentine” bottle openers. All corkscrews and bottle openers are available in every Alessi shops, included the online store.

Human beings, animals and nature have entered the colored and magic world of Alessi wine & bar accessories.

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