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Italian Bathroom Design: Vanities and Fixtures

The Romans brought the world bathing – they just loved lounging around in their baths, chatting, relaxing, catching up on gossip and getting clean. Move forward a couple of millenia and Italians are still big fans of bathrooms, believing even this part of the home can be beautiful as well as functional. Italian bathroom vanities and fixtures reflect those ideals – from tiling to flooring, inks and faucets to baths, it’s all gorgeous and makes you want to spend even more time there than you do already!

Italian bathroom design is centred around a total look and all the fixtures are then created to co-ordinate or contrast with this. Very often the tiling – whether its Travertine marble or contemporary ceramics, will be the starting point for the design – and then the selection of the bathroom vanities themselves – the sink, bath and shower will really help the whole design take shape.

It’s strange to think that once upon a time Italian peasant farmers would have only a stone sink in the corner to wash in, and would have to fetch the water from the well outside. Nowadays, stone sinks and bowls placed on top of vanity units are all the rage and considered an essential part of contemporary bathroom design. I wonder what our peasant farmer would make of seeing a bowl (albeit a luxury one in polished stone) sitting on top of a bathroom unit? What was once a hardship has been turned full circle into a designer must-have!

Italians are very keen on wetrooms with big saucepan sized rainshower heads and so you may want to consider installing one in your own bathroom and even add seating to make the experience more sociable. Once again things turn full circle – an ancient Roman would probably love a wetroom!

Wall hung bathroom vanity units are very popular in Italian bathroom design – they love concealing the non essential parts to create a smooth and shiny finish in glossy lacquer which is perfect for a smaller space. And it gives you all the more mirrored surfaces to see yourself in.

Another popular trend is for mixing materials and so you have perhaps a wooden vanity reminiscent of traditional farmhouse style with a modern cone shaped glass sink on top. That means it is perfect for either a super modern home or a more traditional one.

When it comes to faucets, fixtures and fittings, no-one does detail like the Italians. You can choose from a vast array of styles and materials ranging from ornate rococo gold to contemporary geometric in stainless steel. Just think – luxury Italian bathroom design on tap – what more could you ask?

If you feel your home deserves an Italian bathroom then look no further. We have collected together a selection of the greates Italian bathroom vanities and fixtures available to buy online for your delectation and delight, so what are you waiting for? Avanti!

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