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Italian Kitchen Design: Cabinets and Fixtures

Eavesdrop on any group of Italians and it won’t be long before the conversation turns to food. How to cook it, where to buy it, how to eat it, memorable meals they have eaten – you get the idea. So it’s not surprising that the kitchen is considered such an important place, because it’s where all that lovely food is created! That’s why Italian kitchen design always has an eye on practicality. Yes, it looks gorgeous, it’s design is cutting edge – but does it work? Can Mamma make her pasta there? Does it have enough space for everyone to eat around the table? Even the cool young couples who want the most funky modern designs still need to know their sleek Italian kitchen does the business.

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets and fixtures, it’s usually the women in the family who make the decisions, even though Italian men can cook and there are some world famous male Italian chefs. In Italy, the kitchen is still considered the domain of the lady of the house and therefore any cabinets, worktops, sinks, taps, lights and so on are analyzed with eagle-eyed precision. Style is important, it has to be bella, but it also has to be functional, because most Italian women cook – a lot! And faulty workmanship, wonky cupboards and squeaky doors will get summarily dismissed with a sharp No!

Little wonder then that when it come to Italian kitchen design, you always get top quality products, a high level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, practicality combined with looks and a finish that is sublime. The designers wouldn’t dare create anything else or they would have an army of Mammas after their blood!

The range of Italian kitchen cabinets, fixtures and fittings is extraordinary. If your preference is for the traditional Tuscan farmhouse look then you can find free-standing kitchens with wooden cupboards and marble worktops to give you that rustic charm. Then again, when it comes to contemporary, no-one but no-one can hold a candle to the Italians. You would think they had invented ‘modern’, so great is their love of glass, steel, lacquer, polyurethane and other materials. Think shiny, think matt, think sexy sinuous curves and bold geometry. Every beautiful kitchen cabinet is a small work of art in its own right and the fact it holds utensils or food is almost a bonus when it looks that good.

No cook can work without good lighting and here too the Italians don’t miss a trick. Everything is thought of, planned and designed to look amazing and to do what it’s supposed to. That goes for all the accessories and fittings that add up to a great kitchen. Italian fixtures look incredible and they also work well, what more could you ask for?

If you want to add some Italian kitchen design features to your home, then you can start right here, right now, by browsing our hand selected range of the finest Italian kitchen cabinets and fixtures. Get the look then start to cook!

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