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Alessi Trays, Bowls and Baskets

If we look at Alessi baskets, bowls and trays collections we enter a world of elegance, fun, Mediterranean style and innovative design. Alessi kitchen’s complements are real pieces of modern art that can “dress” your kitchen, giving it a personal look.

Alessi, with the collaboration of the most famous designers and architects of the world, has created various lines and collections, offering to its clientele a wide range to choose from.

If you are looking for an original line that bears the Alessi mark on it, the Girotondo collection serves your purpose. Ideated by the King-Kong duo, Stefano Giovannoni and Alessio Venturini, the playful cartoon-like style of the Girotondo collection has left its imprint in the history of kitchen’s accessories. Very elementary forms with the recurrent theme of the perforated little man; this is what characterizes Alessi Girotondo tray, Girotondo fruit basket, Girotondo mini basket and many other items of the same series.

The designer Stefano Giovannoni is also the creator of the Family Follows Fiction operation, a complete line of kitchenware that includes for example the fruit holder Fruit Mama, partly made of plastic and with particular rounded lines. Fruit Mama is only an example of the almost infinite possibilities that Alessi offers with its bowls and baskets.

Other families that we can identify are the Blow up – Bamboo collection, created to celebrate the collaboration with the Campana brothers, realized in stainless steel as well as natural materials, with its characteristic ethnic style. The Sicilian designer Mario Trimarchi created “La stanza dello scirocco” collection: with its playful and modern shapes it’s the homage to the Mediterranean isle. The two lines include everything you need on your table, from bowls to rounded trays and baskets.

Marli is the Australian aboriginal world for butterfly, and the name of another Alessi bowls and trays collection, inspired by the sensual and elegant shape of the insect. Alessi Marli basket is a perfect piece of modern design, suitable to every house and to different uses. A very feminine object, just as the fruit holder “la rosa”, designed by Laura Polinoro drawing up stainless steel colored flowers.

Another category in the Alessi catalogue includes Alessi trays. A wide range of shapes, from the “Ovale” to the rounded and the “Ottagonale” tray, Alessi steel trays are used in kitchens all over the world, a cult object in its sector. Next to Alessi fruit bowls and baskets, we can also find cake stands, chocolate boxes and candies baskets, with a funny and playful design particularly suitable for the children’s world.

Elegant, colored, funny and trendy, all Alessi trays, baskets, fruit holders and bowls are the ideal to bring your favorite food to your table. You can find them all in every Alessi corner, located in the five continents, and in the Alessi online store.

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