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Alessi Tea Kettles

In the Eighties and Nineties an object made its appearance in the houses of a large amount of families all over the world, becoming the most sold product in the history of the Italian kitchen accessories’ brand Alessi. It was a simple, but yet original and innovative, kettle.

Designed by the American architect Michael Graves, the stainless steel kettle became famous for the bird whistle that “sang” whenever the water boiled, since its first introduction in 1985. Graves could merge its personal style with the world of cartoon and the modern designs, creating a cult object that has been re-edited in different versions over the years.

It opened the way for other playful designed collections, such as the melodic kettle created by Richard Sapper. The German designer invented a system of whistle pipes that could play to different notes, mi and si, giving birth to authentic melodies. Sapper reached a perfect mix of different sensorial dimensions in one object, merging modern design, techniques and materials to obtain a good-looking and good-sounding item.

If you are looking for an originally shaped kettle to decorate your kitchen, you can choose from a wide range of functional and playful products: from the elegant, conic shaped “Il conico”, to the rounded “Mami” kettle, a member of the family of objects designed by Stefano Giovannoni to pay homage to all the mothers, the queens of the kitchen. Along with them, the “Mama-ò”, the melodic two-caps kettle invented by the Italian designer Andrea Branzi in 1988, or “Pito”, with its mahogany sculptured-fishes as handle and cap by Frank Gehry.

Along with kettles, Alessi has realized a collection of teapots, some of which may seem the “baby” version of their correspondent kettles, whereas other are pieces of original Italian design, like “Agata”, the Alessandro Mendini’s burner for tea lights with a terracotta base to keep the liquid always hot.

From traditional to electric ones, Alessi teapots and kettles are true pieces of Pop Art and modern design that are able to blend functionality with good taste, available in every Alessi corner or in its online shop.

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