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Alessi Pepper Mills

Mediterranean cuisine uses a lot of spices, and a worldwide known Italian label leader in kitchen accessories like Alessi couldn’t ignore this tradition. In Alessi collections, every spice has its special space.

Special lines have been created for salt and pepper. Alessi salt and pepper grinders can have the most strange forms and shapes, from the fantasy character of the “Lilliput” salt and pepper set, to the famous “Chin” collection, inspired by the story of the prohibited country. Their creator, Stefano Giovannoni, is a worldwide known Italian designer famous for his ironic and funny products. Other items of his collections are the animals-like “Banana Bros”, where the spices are contained in the heads of two monkeys riding a banana, and “Paradise birds”, two very colored little birds which hanging upside down a little from a little log.

While Stefano Giovanonni created with Guido Venturini the Girotondo collection, including also a colored and functional pepper mill, the American designer Michael Graves created his first line of pepper mills with the original 9098 model, that reminds us of Mickey Mouse. The “Anna G” model invented by Alessandro Mendini for his corkscrews landed also in the pepper mills collection, with the model “Anna pepper mill”, a colored and smiling spicy woman.

Funny items like “Peppino”, by the Italian designer Stefano Pirovano, go side by side with more classical and simple shapes of renewed versions of the traditional pepper mill.

You can easily find all these accessories in every Alessi store, as well as online. To decorate and enrich your table, and to make your kitchen more lively.

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