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Alessi Juicers

Want to have fun making your own citrus juices? The solution is very simple: use an Alessi juicer. With their innovative, colored and funny design, Alessi citrus squeezers are not only a useful thing that cannot miss from your kitchen, but they are a real piece of home decoration as well.

The list of Alessi juicers ranges from little and manual ones, always ready-to-use, to electrical and more modern ones, for those who have no time (or no will) to get their hands dirty. We can look at the citrus squeezers collection as to a family, with the little “kid” being the portable “mysqueeze”. Designed by Roland Kreiter, this citrus squeezer is particularly suitable for lemons, which often have to be squeezed directly on the table, and just for a few drops. Its innovative shapes and its small size allow using him everywhere and at everytime we need. It even brought Alessi the Pure Creativity 2009 award, making it the heir of its “ancestor”, the “Juicy Salif”.

A worldwide known icon of kitchen accessories, the “Juicy Salif” was designed by Philippe Starck starting from a sketch drawn on a pizzeria napkin during a holiday in Italy. The revolutionary design that characterizes this mirror-polished aluminium citrus squeezer led it to be one of the symbols of Alessi brand in the whole world.

Its success can be compared to the Stefano Giovannoni’s creation “Mandarin juicer.” With a word-and-image play, the Mandarin shaped citrus juicer has become one of the cult object to put on everyone’s kitchen, loved for its playful forms and colors, but also for its user-friendlyness and functionality. Its Chinese cap is not only a funny and decorative element, but it’s the core of the citrus juicer, and can also offer it protection when not in use.

The new member of the Alessi juicers’ family is the electric citrus juicer, another design that bears Stefano Giovannoni’s signature. Its compact design, classical but modern at the same time, combined with a surprising easiness in the use, make the stainless steel electric item one of the most sold citrus squeezers in the world. You can find it not only in the kitchens of the five continents, but in the Alessi’s stores and distributors located in every corner of the globe, as well as every other Alessi furnishing item or accessory.

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