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Italian Beds and Bedroom Furniture

Italians are well known for their passion for life and for amore. So it’s only natural that when it comes to designing Italian bedroom furniture their hearts are very much in their work. After the kitchen, the bedroom is the most important place in the house, a haven of tranquility, a place to rest, to make love and of course, to sleep. It has to look great, it has to create the right atmosphere and of course it has to have plenty of closet space for all those incredible clothes, preferably with many mirrored surfaces for preening and parading!

Modern Italian bedroom furniture has come a long way from the wrought iron or wooden beds slept on by peasant farmers. Of course, you can always recreate the farmhouse look in your own bedrooms by buying antique Italian beds and freestanding wooden closets, although you’ll probably want to give the copper bedwarmers and stuffed mattresses a miss, as you can take authenticity too far!

As with everything else, Italian design adds a whole new dimension to bedroom furniture. If you thought a bed was just a rectangular mattress on a base, well, think again. Italian beds are masterpieces. Take the wave bed from italydesign, a gently curved upwardly rising base and headboard combined, available in walnut or grey oak. A clever mix of natural materials and contemporary styling that would be as much at home in a city apartment as a villa in Tuscany. Or the Luna bed also from italydesign which is as round as the moon it takes its name from and covered in leather.

Materials range from wood and leather to simulated suede and fabrics and inspiration comes from everywhere. Market leader in Italian bedroom furniture Bonaldo has created an amazing Zen-inspired ‘bed system’ for example, where the sleeping part is surrounded by cushioned seating the sleek design meaning that the bed can even go in the centre of the room rather than against a wall. Bellissimo!

Closets, dresssers and night stands are not forgotten. They can be luxuriously retro or wildly modern depending on your taste and bedroom design. They can be square, rectangular or smoothly curved, even egg shaped. Shiny lacquered finishes are very popular in Italy as are innovative uses of traditional materials like mirrors, glass and leather.

If you feel that your bedroom could do with a makeover and think Italian bedroom furniture may add some passion to your styling then we have got some mouthwatering examples here, hand selected from the best of the best. Sweet dreams!

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