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Italian Shirts: Craftsmanship in Cotton and Silk

Once you have worn Italian shirts you will never go back. At last that’s the view of those who truly value the fit, the style and the fabric of a great shirt made with care and craftsmanship. Of course, if those things don’t matter to you, well, you can just skip this section!

Businessmen working in summer in the cities of Italy will think nothing of taking a change of shirt, maybe even two, each day to the office. They’ll change after lunch and again later in the afternoon if they have an evening appointment. That shows you how much they care and the high standards they expect from their clothes.

Shirts are sometimes thought of as – dare we say it – a little bit dull, simply the backdrop to a fabulous tie or a classic suit. Well, here at we’d like to disagree. We want to speak up for the shirt, particularly the Italian shirt, because it is far more than a boring but necessary evil. A beautifully made shirt, particularly if it is bespoke, is a delight. It subtly shows that you have taste and style, that you are someone who cares about detail and takes pride in how you look. Italian shirts fit well and are comfortable to wear but are also incredibly stylish. Quite a package.

Many people comment on the finish of Italian shirts and the attention to detail. From perfect stitching to high quality buttons, these things really matter to Italian men, who know how important it is to be smart and professional looking when doing business and stylish and sexy in leisure time.

There’s an amazing variety of styles of shirt, from simple, elegant classic Italian dress shirts, such as those made by top fashion houses Dolce & Gabbana or Versace, to short sleeved and jersey sports shirts from Roberto Cavalli. Never has it been so easy to look good.

Fabric is vitally important and whether it’s silk or linen, cotton or jersey, it has to be the best, something that goes without saying when you buy Italian. It may be something as basic as a simple white shirt, but for an Italian male it has to be perfect – the king of white shirts, the white shirt that all others are judged by!

But shirts don’t have to be plain, oh my goodness no. You can be as wild as you like, or take traditional style and give it a twist. Have a look at Roberto Cavalli’s interpretation of the classic Oxford shirt for an example of this. It may be striped, it may be blue, but boring it most certainly is not!

If you have been inspired by this, then why not peruse our special selection of the best Italian shirts available online. You’re sure to find something that you love – we’ll bet our shirts on it.

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