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Alessi Coffee Makers

Coffee making is a traditional morning ritual that almost every Italian cannot miss. But to make a good coffee, Italians know that they have to use a good espresso maker, and Alessi provided them with a wide range of different coffee makers to choose from.

For those who are still attached to traditions, the Neapolitan coffee maker is the most refined solution. The classical espresso maker, directly resumed from the original Naples’ coffee maker, has marked the story of the Alessi brand, with its over 200 prototypes. Riccardo Dalisi experience and ability allowed Alessi to merge its traditional quality with the ancient poetry behind this object, creating a renewed and timeless product. Still traditional but more practical and user-friendly is the classic Moka, homage to its inventor, Alfonso Bialetti, Alessi’s grandfather. The Moka is synonym of coffee maker not only in Italy but also in the whole world. Its rumbling sound and its hourglass-like form reflect the collective imagination, fully reflected by the Alessi coffee maker by Alessandro Mendini, with its octagonal shape and die cast aluminium core.

The Alessi espresso maker collection includes other historical coffee makers’ names, such as La conica and La cupola. The first represents an icon in the coffee making. Designed in the early 80’s by Aldo Rossi, La conica, with its peculiar conical cover, as the same name reveals, launched the name of the Italian designer on the worldwide scenery and became one of the leading products of the Officina Alessi, only to be followed by its renewed version, La cupola. Presented after just four years, the new Aldo Rossi project soon gained the definition of Alessi coffee maker par excellence, available to a wider public because of its cheap price.

But what really marked the beginning of the long-lasting Alessi espresso maker’s tradition was the 9090, the first espresso coffee machine and the winner of its first Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass) price. A good-looking espresso maker that could be used both in the kitchen but also exposed directly on the table… or at the MOMA in New York, where it actually has a relevant place! The 9090 still is one of the most popular and imitated coffee machines in the world. To this list we can add Pina, the simple but functional coffee maker that is suitable for everyday situations.

Side by side with the traditional espresso makers go the press filter coffee makers or infusers. Different versions of the same product, from the Inka collection, the Girotondo or the Cactus lines, reflect the unmistakable Alessi’s high quality combined with the easiness of use and a strongly defined style. As every kitchen furnishing item, Alessi coffee makers can be found in every Alessi’s corner or in the online shop of its website.

Now, you just have to follow your personal taste and make a good choice for a good coffee!

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