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Alessi Cocktail Shakers

Sometimes you find yourself in a bar drinking a very good cocktail and thinking “I wish I could make it by myself!”. Well, Alessi gives you this opportunity, offering you a whole line of bar accessories to personalize your own homemade cocktails.

To make a good cocktail you don’t need only good liquors, but what can make your drink perfect can be the way you mix and shake them together. To reach this final perfection of taste, Alessi, inspired by the traditional American shakers, has created and improved throughout the years a complete line of cocktail shakers you can easily find on the counters of bars all around the world.

The first success of this line was Avio. With an elegant but still classical and simple shape, the stainless steel, mirror polished cocktail shaker was first created by Mazzeri and Massoni (later Mazzeri and Vitale), famous Italian designers who worked for the company from the 50’s to the 70’s. Its timeless style and quality make the cocktail shaker Avio one of the best selling products in its category.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated and old fashioned “look” for your personal Alessi cocktail shaker, then you should try the 90021 model. Alessi took it directly from the past. Inspired by the old cocktail shaker designed back at the beginnings of the 20th century by the Swedish designer Sylvia Stave, the shape of this cocktail shaker is certainly unique. A contrast of forms that reminds us of a globe, with a large sphere and a slender handle, the polished stainless steel shaker is now part of the Alessi Officina collection, and sold in every part of the world on a limited number.

A more modern version of the classical American cocktail shaker is the “Chiringuito” model, designed by Ron Arad. Its particular and innovative twisted shape is an example of how Alessi likes to associate style and beauty with functionality and comfort, being this product not only “pleasant” to look at, but also to use.

Along with cocktail shakers, Alessi offers to its clientele a wide range of bar and wine accessories, from ice buckets to corkscrew, to complete your own counter’s furnishing. You can find all these products, together with suggestions about what would best fit for you desires and personal needs, in every Alessi shop or corner, or in their online store. Now it’s up to you, all you have to do is… shake!

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