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Italian Dinnerware, Tableware and Cookware

For many of us, a kitchen stocked with Italian cookware and tableware is a dream come true. We all know how much Italians value food and the whole art of its selection, preparation and cooking – never mind its consumption! Therefore it goes without sayng that any products destined for the kitchen are going to be of exceptional quality and superlative practicality.

Italian cookware manufacturers use a variety of materials, each designed to perfectly serve its purpose. Perhaps two of those most closely associated with Italian design are ceramics and stainless steel, one traditional, the other modern, this juxtaposition typifying the Italian love for both the old and the new.

Many Italian families still sit down at the table to have family meals together, the highlight of the week being Sunday lunch. If this is not eaten in a restaurant (going out for Sunday lunch is a very popular tradition), then it will be cooked and served at home with family and friends, the more the merrier. On special occasions like this, or on high days and holidays, the best silverware and glasses are brought out, because a beautiful table enhances the whole experience of eating. Perhaps there are handmade dishes and plates from Deruta in Umbria or some very local artisan. Perhaps the family is keen on modern design and has all the latest items from Alessi – one of Italy’s leading cookwear brands.

Of course, the table needs also to be “dressed” and for that you need some gorgeous Italian tablecloths and serviettes. Italian textile companies and even the most famous Italian fashion houses have created lines of tableware specifically designed to make your kitchen or dining room look unique and stylish, with that unmistakeable touch of Italian style that you can only get from top quality products.

We mustn’t forget the basics though and the fact that food needs to be made before it arrives at the table. Here too you can ‘go Italian’ as there is a vast array of Italian cookware from pots and pans to ovenware which make every stage of the preparation and cooking process totally enjoyable – even the washing up!

Are you feeling tempted yet? If so, then you can browse our hand selected range of Italian tablewear and cookwear which has been chosen by us here at made-in-italy from the very best online products available. Cooking will never be the same again!

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