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Italian Chairs and Tables

The kitchen is the heart of an Italian home and always has been. In the old days there was a big table and chairs in front of an open fireplace so all the family could eat together and discuss the highlights of the day. Many homes in Italy still have this layout and sit down to lunch and dinner as a family rather than sitting with a tray in front of the TV! Your home may not be a traditional Italian one and you may not sit around the table too often, but if you like the thought of doing things the Mediterranean way then you can start by getting some Italian chairs and a table then wait for the magic to work.

Traditional Italian farmhouse tables are made from chestnut and the ones in old farmhouses may have been handmade by the peasant farmers who used the long cold winters days when they couldn’t go out into the fields to create furniture and build additions to their houses. That’s why many old Italian houses have strange layouts as rooms were added as the family expanded. You may not want an old chestnut table in your kitchen or dining room but perhaps a modern take on that style would suit your home. You could add some wooden chairs to get that classic Tuscan farmhouse look.

On the other hand you may want to go for a contemporary look and no-one does contemporary like the Italians. Modern Italian tables and chairs can almost be considered works of art and come in a variety of materials from wood and leather to steel and plastic and in all the colors of the rainbow. Many top Italian designers  have turned their hand to furniture design and the results speak for themselves, enhancing any room and creating a talking point too.

Traditional Italian kitchens often had benches instead of chairs and for a 21st century take on these try Enzo Berti’s walnut and leather bench or Michele de Lucchi’s stunning glass bench.

Don’t restrict yourself to the kitchen and dining room as Italian designers do wonderful outdoor furniture too. Patrizia Urquiola from B&B Italia has created some stunning Italian table designs in glass with amazing chairs created from polyethylane fibre that look like woven rattan.

Why not add some Italian panache to your home and garden by taking a look our special selection of Italian chairs and tables which we have hand picked from the best online sources available. Then sit back and wait for that magical Mediterranean effect!


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