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Max Mara Perfumes: Ethereal Beauty

Well known for their classic clothing line, in particular women’s sportswear, the designer brand Max Mara has also branched out into perfume with delectable fragrances, sophisticated eau de parfum choices and a wide selection of body products. There is a Max Mara fragrance to match every mood and personality with complex scents combining spicy florals, musky woods and light citrus notes that are attention grabbing yet subtle enough to lure you in and keep you coming back for more.

A lot of research and study has gone into making the Max Mara fragrance lines and has brought together world-renown perfumers like Olivier Cresp, Vincent Schaller and Daphne Bugey. The emphatic attention to detail evident in the Max Mara clothing line has also been reinterpreted in their perfume packaging design – classic, beautiful, simple yet unique. The line of Max Mara perfumes has also helped increase awareness of the clothing brand in general while making the fashion house more approachable by a whole a new market of consumers.

Max Mara’s first fragrance, Max Mara was introduced in 2005 with fresh top notes of ginger citrus blooming into magnolia, lily, musk and orchid and finally finishing with base notes of warm sugar cane. The Max Mara clothing line prides itself on the conscious effort to design for women with curves, and this is reflected in the curvaceous bottle of Max Mara perfume as well.

If you are looking for an almost unisex scent, ideal for strong, adventurous women, Max Mara le Parfum andMax Mara Kashmina Touch are sophisticated fragrances, the former a rich eau de parfum created by the famed perfumer Vincent Schaller. Released in 2008 with an interesting composition combining various musk notes accompanied by nutmeg, spicy plum, Moroccan rose essence, jasmine, Tiger lily, sandal wood and lime wood accords, Max Mara le Parfum presents a rare mix of female and masculine notes for a modern women’s fragrance. Thierry de Baschmakoff designed the unique amulet-shaped perfume bottle.

Max Mara Kashmina Touch is also a perfect perfume for evening and special occasions opening with refreshing Sicilian lemon melding into Amaretto for a scintillating twist. At the heart of this Max Mara perfume is a floral bouquet with bitter orange, and woody base notes like cedar, musk and cashmere wood.

For a fresh fragrance perfect for Spring, the light, sparkling notes of Max Mara Le Parfum Zest & Musc is an updated, younger version of Max Mara Le Parfum. With the same perfume bottle form it introduces refreshing optimistic notes of juicy bergamot and mandarin warming up to magnolia, nutmeg, freesia, date fruit with a spicy kick of white pepper, linden tree, and finishing with base notes of cedar and musk.

Where to buy Max Mara Perfume? Max Mara perfumes can easily be purchased online or in any Max Mara clothing store. Many online stores offer easy return policies that allow to exchange your perfume choice if it turns out the fragrance isn’t quite your cup of tea. However, being a fashion brand known for their exquisite taste and classic appeal, be rest assured that you are sure to find a Max Mara perfume that fits your personality and fashion style.

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