Shopping in Rome: Campo dei Fiori |

Shopping in Rome: Campo dei Fiori

This large piazza in the center of old Rome has functioned as a marketplace for centuries, and the heretic Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake where his statue now stands as a warning to the populace. Today it reminds people of what Piazza di Spagna was some thirty years before tourists and boutiqus took over many of the artisan’s shops. It’s a fashionable gathering place, especially among elite young people. It has become Rome’s salon where everybodoy goes shopping and then stops at the bar Le Terazze for coffee or aperitivo. In the early evening gilded youth like to hang out the Vineria Reggio wine bar which offers a variety of wines and cold snacks. Surrounding streets like Via dei Pettinari, Via dei Sediari,Via dei Baulari, Giubbonari are full of artisans sitting in front of their stores working when weather permits. Barbara Lessona suggests: “If you need an outfit at the last minute try Via dei Giubbonari just off Campo de’ Fiori where the clothes are cheap but the effect is good.” The nearby bar La Pace on Piazza La Pace has become a must-stop for visiting local and foreign celebrities and Bartolo Cuomo has added a pizza restaurant next door.

Via dei Pettinari 87, this is the place for your basic kid and suede pumps with round toes and inch and a half heels in yummy colors as well as ballerinas for summer and winter., all costing around $60 depending on the exchange. Every season there are three or four updated models available, don’t be put off by the down-home decor, the shoes are top quality.
Via del Pettinari 74, 001086 – This is the address for collectors of antique jewelry of all prices, with pieces that include mother of pearl bracelets, earrings of baroque pearls, and important “parures” sets of neckaces, bracelets, and earrings, some of which belonged to famous stars.
Via dei Pastini 18a, 00186 (near the Pantheon). Maria Rosaria Bertonati and her daughter Antonia, who came from Torre del Greco near Naples which is the center for cameo-making, offer both antique and new cameos and coral necklaces which can also be created to order as they do their own stringing and repairs. Imaginative work, some articles in turquoise. Mother and daughter enjoy talking about this old Italian art.
Via Panisperna 244, 00184 – If you have a thing for angels this is your heaven, the owner has lovingly collected al kinds of antiques that have angels as a theme including vases, statues, engravings, paintings, beautifully displayed against a blue background. You won’t be able to resist!
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