Shopping in Rome: Other Stores of Interest |

Shopping in Rome: Other Stores of Interest

These are scattered in various areas but are worth mentioning as many have items you won’t find anywhere else.

Via della Scrofa 65, (parallel to Via del Babuino) and Piazza della Chiesa Nuova 20 A very special toy store with a great choice of amusing toys for children of all ages, for a special present to stimulate the fantasy! They are also specialized in very sophisticated instruments such as telescopes or a home Planetarium to look at 300 stars on the ceiling of your own house.
Via dei Prefetti 11, One of the best shops for men in Rome, with a wondeful choice of first-class men’s clothes, the best quality cashmere sweaters, nice ties, hats and overcoats. Although opened in 1967 it has a classic, ageless atmosphere. Wonderful made-to-measure men’s shirts.
Via dei Baullari 37, (Piazza Farnese) Clothes for women including hats, shawls, coats, a few shoe styles, traditional but everything has a special touch, for example handbags for summer decorated with seashells, or chic linen dresses and jackets for summer, classic but with a youthful cut. Irish sweaters and caps in soft wool, chenille scarves in bright colors.
Via della Luce 21, along with the museums one of the most interesting things to see in Rome are shops that still work in an artisan way: every cookie in this bakery is cooked personally by the Innocenti couple. If you ask them on what day are you closed they answer “never only when we’ll be dead!” and that’s a typical remark of the roman working class spirit, the real truth is that they close on Sunday afternoon.
Via Barberini 79, and Via Condotti. This traditional Italian men’s tailor and shop has a tradition going back for 50 years and outfitted the latest James Bond, Pierce Bosnan. The old-time Hollywood stars like Clark Gable and Gary Cooper were treasured clients.
Via dell’Oca 39, Just knitwear for women in a shop with a country atmosphere, twin-sets, long vests, long dresses, handmade by local artisans with original details.
Via di Parione 19-20 (Piazza Navona), Chic suits for women, including knits, ethnic-style necklaces, some in smoked plastic along with other distinctive accessories, slightly Frenchified Italian style with a youthful accent.
Via Pie` di Marmo 30, For special candles, every kind you can imagine, as well as the candleholders and tiny lampshades; during the Christmas season the offerings include candleabra entwined with garlands.
Via dei Prefetti 37/40, specializes in passementerie, those wonderful fabric braids, tassels, ribbons and fringes that can be used in furnishing the home, preparing lavish wrappings for presents, or even decorating clothes for an original look.
Via Pie’ di Marmo 21/22, where lovers of refined chocolate will feel they have died and gone to heaven. This traditional shop makes all its candies by hand and will make special treats to order, as well as enclose Easter gifts in a beautifully-wrapped traditional chocolate Easter egg.
Via del Corso 139, Old-fashioned haberdashery for men which stocks the fine Montecristo Panama hat, handmade and hand-monogrammed shirts and English accessories including gloves and cashmere scarves, run by the grandson of the founder.
Via Mighetti 7, Romans of the so-called black aristocracy (their titles came from the Pope) buy their clothes without being obsessed by the sales personnel, located right behind the Trevi fountain. Lots of things with a British air. The shop is family-owned and they are at ease with their clients, the impression you get is that they don’t really care if they make a sale or not!
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