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A Guide to the Best Shopping in Venice

Introduction to Venice
Photo of Venice
Except in special cases we are not listing the “name” fashion brands as you’ll have no trouble finding them – rather we are indicating shops that carry unique/unusual products you may not find anywhere else. Some shops are listed that you might not expect to find in Venice. Addresses in Venice can be very confusing. There are actually two addresses, one is the Sestriere or zone of which there are six: Castello, San Marco, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Santa Croce, Canaregio. The first address is, for example, Castello 1000 (usually a three or four-figure number), followed by, in parenthesis, the name of the square or the street (often called Calle instead of Via) to make it easier to find. Each sestriere has its own postal code. To save time ask the hotel concierge for exact directions.

BOTTEGA VENETA San Marco 1337, (Calle Vallaresso), 30124 (041) 5228489
We all know and love the beautifully-made leather items from Bottega Veneta, distinguished not by their initials but often by the woven work. You’ll find a good selection here, as Venice is the home town of the brand.
CALVIN KLEIN JEANS Calle del Teatro 45/99 (in front of the Teatro Goldoni)
You’ll find the entire assortment of Calvin Klein Ck products including jeans, leather, eyewear, perfume, and undies. Ask for Marco Valentino, the manager. The shop is close to the Rialto stop of the vaporetto.
CENERENTOLA San Polo 2600/A, (Rio Terra`Nomboli) 30125 (041) 523 2006
The lampshades here are all made with precious antique fabrics or with embroidered initials that come from bed linen made in Venice in the 1800s. Also a great selection of antique laces and edgings.”
CODOGNATO San Marco 1295 (Calle dell’Ascensione), 30124 (041) 522 5042
A prestigious jeweller, see the serpents made from emeralds, the Moor’s head wearing a turban decorated with newels and pearls, Jacqueline Kennedy loved this shops with its collection of twenties pieces.
LABORATORIO MASCHERE Castello 6657 (Barbaria delle Tole) (041) 5223110
The classic masks of the Commedia dell’Art theater in papier-mache’ and leather, sculputres of cats as well as picture frames and concucopia full of seashells.
LIBRERIA EDITRICE FILIPPI Castello 5284 (Calle Casselleria) (041) 523691
There is a large selection of books on Venice including history, art, architecture, curiosities, and secrets. Address inquiries to
LIVIO DE MARCHI Salizzada San Samuele, San Marco 3157/a (near Palazzo Grassi) (041) 528 5694, fax 5239159
This witty and inventive sculptor has made everything from a sculpted wooden shirt to decorate the Emporio Armani window in London to a floating wooden car he “drives” down the Grand Canal. For those who love to bring back something special and unusual from their trip, even if it won’t fit in the suitcase.
LUCIO BUBACCO S. Polo 1077A (Ruga Rialto) 30125 (041) 522 5981 Fax 522 5562 Galleria Bubacco, Calle Frutarol (San Marco 1845) check address (041) 423 9494
Works of art in glass made by Lucio Bubacco with chalices, candleholders and vases where human figures, devils, and representatives of mythology such as unicorns, griffons, and gods. Necklaces and earrings made from glass, each one-of a kind, by artists. (See also Galleria Bubacco, San Marco 1845, Calle Futarol which is more centrally located, telephone 5239494.
NORELENE Dorsoduro 727, (Calle della Chiesa, San Vio) 30123 (041) 523 7605
“Silks and velvets printed or painted by hand with geometric designs and antique colors made into capes, jackets, stoles, bags, hats and shoes. They are unusual and modern, as well as practical. Special things for special people.
PANIFICIO VOLPE Canareggio 1143, (Calle Ghetto Vecchio) 30123 (041) 715178
Traditional Jewish pastries made by Christians. You’ll find gazelle’s horns full of almond paste, tiny sugar paste candies that look like solar disks, Aman’s ears, the favorite sweet of King Assuero of Babilonia. For something special and different, worth a taste!
RINO BERENGO Castello 5326, (Casselleria di San Lio) 30122 (041) 522 1431
A shop that collects old handles and doorknobs in brass from the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s as well as yesterday, Venetian lamps and headlights as well as a thousand fish molds of copper to use in the kitchen or hang on the walls, enough for an “aquarium”.
RISUOLA TUTTO DI GIOVANNI DITTURA Dorsoduro 871, (Calle Nuova Sant’Agnese) 30123 (get off the vaporetto and take the street on the left-hand side of the Accademia, take the first street to the left, and you’ll find this shoe stop on the left) (041) 5231163
You’ll see these brightly colored velvet slippers with cord and rubber soles at the markets, but the best selection and prices (20,000 lire a pair) are in this shop which also repairs shoes and sells other styles of slippers. Also open Sunday.
ROSE DOUCE Cannaregio 5782 (Rialto – S. Giovanni Guisostomo) 30121 (041) 522 7232
Here’s where you’ll find colored glass chalices from Murano for your collection, and coffee cups made from murrine, the tiny glass Venetian beads. Necklackes made from very old Venetian pearls and thousands of large and small vases in filigreed glass, in milk glass or with gold leaf, don’t miss VENETIUM STUDIUM San Marco 2425, (Calle Larga 22 Marzo) 30122 (041) 5236953, fax 5227353.
The fascination of the minutely-pleated silks and lampshades invented by the Spanish artist Mariano Fortuny, meticulously reproduced with love. Scarves and cushions in silk with tiny glass beads sewn into the seams, Delphos dresses, the finely-pleated silk tubes you see on Greek statues and Proust’s Madame de Guermant in black and colors that range from pastel to deep and intense, classics that will last for a lifetime. Two unique lamps with their special shades, the spiral hanging “cesendello” and the “scudo saraceno” a kind of decorated shield that diffuses a special light. They also sell fabrics. If you don’t have time for any other shopping don’t miss this shop. Tel: 39-041-5236953
VITTORIO COSTANTINI San Polo 2603 (Ai Frari), 30125 (041) 717719
Scarabs, dragonflies, flies, ants, golden, butterflies of all colors, mosquitoes, spiders, set in glass, hyperrealist, nature frozen in glass. Perfect gifts for the hard-to-surprise.

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A Guide to Shopping in Italy for Hedonists and Bargain Lovers

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